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A Walk And A FindMay 25, 2007

 Well, we finally got out for a walk this morning. It was an early one, starting out at 7:00am. We walked just over 8kms. in about an hour and 15 minutes so we built up a little sweat.


It has been raining and cold here for the past two weeks (‘damn’p cold, as we call it) so our outside time has been limited lately. The weather broke a bit yesterday and we’re hoping that today it gets a bit warmer.


We were able to find our 2nd cache during the walk so the day has started off good. This particular cache is in a lightly wooded area within 7 meters of an intersection. We had a bit of a laugh wondering what the drivers in the cars were saying about us. We were also thinking of the fact that we have either walked or drove by this area hundreds of times in the past few years and until recently never knew that there was this little gem so close by.



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What Is Geocaching?May 18, 2007

Join the growing number of people world-wide in the newest sport called Geocaching!

Geocaching is the ultimate treasure hunt where you search for hidden ‘Geocaches’ using todays’ Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. It is a hide and seek game that is now played world-wide with an estimated one million Geocachers in over 200 countries.

Geocaching started in early May of 2000 when Dave Ulmer of Beavercreek, Oregon placed the first Geocache. It was found several times over the next couple of days! Geocaching just grew steadily from here.


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Our First Find!May 09, 2007

 Well, this morning we made our first find! How exhilarating!

As we said earlier, we only recently got involved with Geocaching. We initially bought our GPS for hiking and car travel but we quickly became aware of, and very interested in, Geocaching. We have spent the past couple of months getting to know our GPS (Garmin 76CSX), reading about Geocaching, attending a few local functions and putting Geocaching Online together. We had a few outings but we were unsuccessful.


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Geocaching Online!May 04, 2007

Welcome to the grand opening of Geocaching Online!


We’re sitting here in the bright sunshine of a cool spring day enjoying the warmth of both the sun and the feeling of a job well done. Although we still have a long way to go to complete this project it makes us happy to be able to present this new website to you.


Geocaching is fast becoming a world-wide hobby and when we recently got involved we found that there was no central database (except Google, of course!) that catered particularly to Geocaching. As we started to amass links in our browser’s Favorites list we quickly realized that we needed a better solution. Hence, the idea for Geocaching Online was born.


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Geocaching Online offers easy access to caching information, resources, links, events, and a whole lot more for Geocachers all around the world.

New to Geocaching? Click here for more info!
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