What Is Geocaching?

Posted in Articles on May 18, 2007

Join the growing number of people world-wide in the newest sport called Geocaching!

Geocaching is the ultimate treasure hunt where you search for hidden ‘Geocaches’ using todays’ Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. It is a hide and seek game that is now played world-wide with an estimated one million Geocachers in over 200 countries.

Geocaching started in early May of 2000 when Dave Ulmer of Beavercreek, Oregon placed the first Geocache. It was found several times over the next couple of days! Geocaching just grew steadily from here.

Originally named ‘GPS stash hunt’ or ‘gpsstashing’ it was later renamed to ‘geocaching’ because of the possible negative connotation.

The game is played by a Geocacher first hiding a Geocache somewhere, then posting the coordinates on a Geocache listing site. These coordinates are then downloaded by other Geocachers and the search is on! When a Geocacher finds the hidden Geocache he/she signs the enclosed logbook, trades some trinkets, known as Geoswag, and later logs the find on the Geocache listing site.

It’s great fun! Geaocaching is a great opportunity to get outdoors, to do some sight-seeing, to enhance your health, and all in the name of fun. It’s great for individuals, friends, couples and families.

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    We hope this helps explain a little bit of what this fantastic sport of Geocaching is!

    Keep on cachin’!

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