To Ban Or Not To Ban

Posted in Geocaching on Sep 25, 2007

We have just read two news articles that came in within hours of each other – one where a government department has banned Geocaches on public lands, and one where a government department sees Geocaches as a boon to increase tourism in their area. Two different views on a controversial issue right now.

Although Geocaching is over 7 years old it is still experiencing tremendous growth and because of this we can expect to see a lot more of this two-sided view of our sport.

The positive note is that like most agencies or locations that ban Geocaches do so with the intent to review the situation. This is understandable since the concept of Geocaching is still alien to a lot of people.

Our fingers are crossed that once the understanding is gained they will see the benefit, as we have, and allow Geocaching to continue. And as long as Geocachers continue to conduct themselves in a positive manner we feel that this will hold true.

Keep on cachin’!

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