Conflicting Cords

Posted in Our Finds on Oct 18, 2007

Autumn Leaves

We got a chance to get out today for a great walk in the fall sunshine. It was surprisingly warm for the middle of October and we were not complaining!

We had a bit of trouble finding the Geocache we were seeking today. Since it was a clear day and we were tracking within 3 meters but we could not find it. There really was nothing in the area that would offer a hiding place. After fifteen minutes of searching we gave up and proceeded to bring another cache up on the GPSr. The strange thing is that the nearest one had the same name as the one we were just looking for except it had a space and ‘1’ after it. Punching in this one told us that we were about 90 meters from it. We continued on our way and made a quick find and dropped off a Travel Bug that we picked up on the weekend.

When we got home we noticed that both MapSource and GSAK had the same double entry. The real strange thing is that although the name was the same (except for the 1) and the information was the same the coordinates were different!

We have no idea what caused this so for now we’re going to write it off as an anomaly, but we’ll keep our eyes on it.

Oh, by the way, we also applied for our Bronze EarthCache Master Award today. We needed one more EarthCache and the ones we visited this past weekend gave us this opportunity. We’ll save the others for when we apply for our Silver Award. :)

Keep on cachin’!

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