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Posted in GPS on Nov 16, 2007

Trimble recently announced the release of the Geocache Navigator software application for the Blackberry. Now, by using Geocache Navigator, Blackberry users will be able to join in on the world-wide fun of Geocaching!

GeocacheNavigator is presently the only application that brings Geocaching capabilities to the mobile phone market and provides real time access to

Developed by Trimble, a world leader in GPS technologies and a supporter of the international Cache In Trash Out Day, in partnership with, Geocache Navigator lets you use your Blackberry to connect to the world’s largest cache database, select a Geocache to look for, view the Geocache location on an aerial, topographic or street map, home in on the cache and also mark your Geocaches as lost or found.

In addition to the Blackberry, the Geocache Navigator application runs on a variety of phones from several carriers. You can find a full list of supported phones here.

For a limited time Trimble is offering a free fully functional 30 day pre-release trial! –

Now, all you need for Geocaching is your Blackberry or a GPS enabled phone and the Geocache Navigator software. Just download, click to find the nearest cache, and you’re on your way!

We expect this to be just a beginning of new GPS and Geocaching applications available as more and more phones become GPS enabled. Subsequently, this will add tremendous growth to an already growing sport.

Keep on cachin’!

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13 Responses to “ The Geocaching Blackberry ”

  1. Rich Greaves -

    As soon as I saw the announcement I downloaded GeocacheNavigator to my Curve, it looks pretty good. But what we (BlackBerry cachers) really need is an offline GPX reader for the BlackBerry. I don’t know about others but where I cache there’s usually very little if any wireless service so no phone/pda access to maps or I can still create Mobipocket ebooks using GSAK but that’s cumbersome and no way near as nice as GPX view for windows mobile or cachemate for the Palm.

  2. Keith -

    It’s too bad that Verizon isn’t supported yet… It would be great if it were!

  3. Jason -

    I agree with Rich. An offline reader would be great. This is a feature I really miss when I had to switch from Palm to Blackberry. If there is a reader please let me know where I can get it.

  4. dirk -

    Maybe cacheberry is a program that will suit you.

  5. lisa -


  6. Rob -

    Cacheberry for me. 14.95 in one payment only. This annual charge BS is for the birds.

  7. tulipgirls -

    I can’t believe Verizon blocks this out. I just got a BB and was so excited to DL geocache navigator, only to find out the gps portion of this program won’t work at all on the Verizon Blackberry! C’mon, this is crazy! Verizon, lighten up!

  8. James -

    They just don’t want anyone to get around the VZ Navigator’s fees…

  9. papachoochoo -

    check out Blackstar. still in beta, looks very promising. I run 3 geo programs (comparison mainly) on my BB Curve on the NOW network. (sorry VZ). My favorite is Geocache Navigator, 2. is Cacheberry, 3. Blackstar, (it’s free). With Cacheberry and Blackstar, you will need premium membership so you can recieve pocket queries. Cacheberry can open your zip files depending on the os on the BB. This allows you to send the PQ directly to the phone.

  10. quixote -

    Is the problem that the program can’t access the gps function on verizon hpones? Or is it that you aren’t allowed to download it on. A verizon blackberry?

  11. fsafranek -

    I use it on my Verizon Storm. I just finished a road trip from San Diego to Kansas and back and used it many times to see if there were any caches in the town I was in or was approaching. Worked like a charm. The radar is very accurate. Ignore all the stuff on the Trimble website about Verizon not being supported. Just install it and get out there. The GPS is one area of the Blackberry (Storm at least) where Verizon has not disabled anything.

  12. d_osborne -

    Fsafranek……which program did you use? I haven’t tried any yet but I have a storm.

  13. Brett -

    Verizon Wireless has disabled the GPS functions on its BlackBerry devices in the past. Starting with the Storm, and continuing with the Tour, the GPS functionality will be fully unlocked. Some GPS functionality is available on the most recent software version of the Curve, but it’s not helpful for applications such as we are discussing.

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