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Our Geocaching ResolutionsDec 29, 2007

It’s that time again, time to create a list of all the things we want to accomplish is in the new year. This year we are adding to this list with things we want to do with Geocaching.

We had a great year this past year by first being introduced to Geocaching and then by getting involved as much as we did. The getting involved part was easy because we really enjoy it.

This coming year we hope to do even more which is why we are going out on a limb and actually making resolutions, though we expect them to be easy to achieve (the best kind of resolutions!).

So here is our list of New Year’s Geocaching Resolutions:


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Gifts For The GeocacherDec 17, 2007

With Christmas soon upon us we thought we would give you some ideas for Christmas gifts for the Geocacher on your list.

We had great fun putting it together because Christmas is always a great time here at home and now that we can include Geocaching in our festive activities we’re more than thrilled.

In no particular order, here is what is on our Geocaching Christmas wish list this year:

1. Safety Gear
Show them that you care with a safety related gift or stocking stuffer. Some ideas are a safety whistle, snake bite kit, flashlight, matches, chap stick, space blanket, signal mirror, food packs. You could also make up a first aid kit that is small to fit in a knapsack. A basic kit can include band-aids, gauze, tape, antiseptic, sting and burn creams, cotton balls, Aspirin or Tylenol, antacid, mole skin bandages and tweezers.


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Caching In Las VegasDec 11, 2007

Or should that be ‘cashing’ in Las Vegas? :)

We spent the past week experiencing the delights of Sin City, The Entertainment Capital of the World. Although we have been to Vegas a dozen times over the past ten years for various conferences this was the first time that we were there Geocaching. We were able to get away from our meetings for an afternoon and explored the Strip with GPSr in hand.

Las Vegas Sign

One of the most pleasant caches we found was in a garden of one of the Strip hotels. This was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the street. This will be a look-forward-to sanctuary on future visits to Vegas!


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A Geocaching Wicking-pediaDec 03, 2007

You can Geocache throughout the seasons, with all but extreme weather keeping you indoors. So what should you wear when out caching?

Although jeans and a t-shirt may be OK for those “road side” caches, after about 5km down a trail you may wish that you had worn something else. The problem with the jeans and t-shirt is that most are made of cotton. Cotton is soft and comfy but it absorbs moisture and stays wet, making you damp and cold in cold weather and damp and sweaty in the hot weather.

A much better choice would be the new “wicking” fabrics.  Fabrics such as silk, merino wool, microfibre polyester, polyester nylon, nylon lycra and other synthetic variations will not
absorb moisture. The key is synthetic fabrics that “wick” or that draws moisture away from your body. This fabric stays dry and therefore you stay warm in winter and cool in summer.


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