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Posted in Miscellaneous on Dec 17, 2007

With Christmas soon upon us we thought we would give you some ideas for Christmas gifts for the Geocacher on your list.

We had great fun putting it together because Christmas is always a great time here at home and now that we can include Geocaching in our festive activities we’re more than thrilled.

In no particular order, here is what is on our Geocaching Christmas wish list this year:

1. Safety Gear
Show them that you care with a safety related gift or stocking stuffer. Some ideas are a safety whistle, snake bite kit, flashlight, matches, chap stick, space blanket, signal mirror, food packs. You could also make up a first aid kit that is small to fit in a knapsack. A basic kit can include band-aids, gauze, tape, antiseptic, sting and burn creams, cotton balls, Aspirin or Tylenol, antacid, mole skin bandages and tweezers.

2. A new GPSr
Definitely on everyone’s list! Is it time to upgrade your Geocacher’s GPSr? Or how about a model for your Geocachers automobile? These are extremely popular this year. You can view lots of models and more here.

3. Compass
Everyone needs a compass, especially Geocachers! Look for a compass that offers orienteering features like a clear baseplate and sighting mirror. Add a book on how to use a compass or perhaps sign him or her up for a compass navigation course.

4. Books
There are lots of great books out there on Geocaching, GPS, Orienteering, Hiking, Camping, etc. which can keep your Geocacher entertained on those wild winter nights in front of the fireplace.

5. Leatherman Surge
The Leatherman Surge is a multi-tool powerhouse! It includes pliers, cutters, knives, scissors, files, screwdrivers, awl, ruler, can opener and more, all packed into a stainless steel hand-held.

6. Binoculars
Binoculars are a great thing to have when you are on the trails, for seeing great close-ups of wildlife and nature. Binocular sizes vary from the convenient pocket size to more powerful larger sizes.

7. Stocking Stuffin’ Swag
The available GeoSwag for stocking stuffers runs the gamut from GeoCoins to zipper pulls, from Travel Bugs to log books and everything in between! Great filler items that will bring a smile to any Geocacher’s face. Also, a lot of these items can be easily converted into a Christmas Tree ornament that will be remembered year after year!

8. Maps, Maps and more Maps!
Geocachers love maps and what better map than a topographical map of their home area? Or perhaps a map of a planned vacation area?

9. Membership to
If the Geocacher on your list does not have a Premium Members then this is definitely a must! A Premium Membership offers Pocket Queries, Caches along a Route, Enhanced Google Maps, Paperless Caching, Instant Log Notifications and a whole lot more!

10. Cache goodies
Put together a box of dollar store items for your Geocacher. This way he or she will always have an item to trade with on a cache find. You can make this gift as large as you wish.

You can make your gift extra special, or at least, a bit more interesting by wrapping it up in an ammo box or cache container. You can also give the coordinates to the gift in a card, adding to the mystery and Geocaching theme.

We hope that we helped a little bit with your Christmas list. And remember, that if there is no Geocacher on your list then it is a must that you treat yourself to something new for Christmas. Hey, it the law of Toyland.

Keep on cachin’!

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