Geocaching And Tourism

Posted in Site Updates on Jan 08, 2008

Thanks to a blog post from Eco Florida regarding tourism sites promoting Geocaching in their local area we were able to add a new “Tourism” category to the Geocaching Resource Directory.

This seems to be a growing trend, with some localities creating special caches to show off their area’s features, like trails and beautiful views. Some are also holding contests with cache’s that contain prizes and coupons for use at local businesses. While these prize offerings may not sit well with some members of the ‘true blue’ Geocaching community the fact remains that they may be an incentive for some.

For us, we enjoy both Geocaching and travel so the more tourism sites that add this information just makes it easier for us, not only on planning our activities when we go somewhere but quite possibly in our destination decisions as well. Although we get caught in the big cities more often than we like our preferred travel is ‘off the beaten path’ so knowing about the ‘hidden gems’ of an area is a real bonus.

As the sport grows we expect, and hope, that we will see more tourism sites adding Geocaching features. It seems to us that this goes hand in hand with the activities that they normally promote in their ‘Things To Do’ sections.

Check out the ones we have found so far here.

Also, if you know of any tourism site promoting Geocaching, or any other Geocaching site for that matter, please submit them here.

Keep on cachin’!

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  1. EcoFlorida -

    I’m glad I could inspire not just a post but a new category. 😉 Enjoy….

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