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Posted in Our Finds on Jan 15, 2008

You all know how much we like the old Virtual Caches, simply because we also like to travel and the Virtuals have taken us to places we normally would not have gone. However, today, while reviewing some old GC forum posts we came across what is being termed as ‘Armchair Caching’ or ‘Coach Caching’. Yes, really, caching from the comfort of your coach!

It seems that there are quite a few of these types of caches, caches that do not require you to actually visit a place or to find something. They more or less just ask questions that can be answered by doing Internet searches.

To see what the process was we posted a find for the ‘Four Windows’ cache which was really just answering an old riddle. A quick search on the Internet answered the coordinate question that was asked. An email was sent to the cache owner with the answer and coordinates and within a few hours we were allowed to post our find – and it was added to our Virtual Cache stats. Seemed all very strange…

We are not in this for the numbers (well, maybe just a little :)). For us a find is determined by physically finding something using actual coordinates and a GPSr or attending a Geocaching related event. It is by getting out and exploring, hiking, meeting people and seeing new things that gives us the most enjoyment.

It’s certainly not our intent here to rant on what is right or wrong but merely to state what Geocaching is to us, and, well, because of this, we had to ‘come clean’ on this ‘find’. It really bothered us. It felt like we tainted our stats. We feel so much better now that we have told the world… except for the fact that we will forever be reminded of this when we must do a ‘one-up’ to achieve each milestone! :)

Again, this is just how we feel about our own Geocaching and in no way should be read as how we feel others should play. To each their own as long as you have fun! (We are quite aware that a lot of Geocachers don’t accept the Virtuals that we love so much. :))

That being said, if you have some cache finds that you are not ‘happy’ about, let us know. The confessional is open. :)

Keep on cachin’!

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4 Responses to “ Virtually Virtual Geocache ”

  1. Aaron -

    So did you eventually delete your log for this cache? If not, it couldn’t have bothered you that much. 😉

    I’m all for the continuance of Virtual Caches so long as you have to be there, somewhere, physically.

  2. admin -

    Hey, thanks! Never knew that we could. It’s now been removed so now we can sleep in peace. :) Thanks for the tip!

  3. Berni -

    Seems to me that any virtual cache is OK if you actually use a GPS to find it, but ‘armchair caching’ is just fraud. The whole point of geocaching is to be an activity that is carried out using a GPS to find a location. Once you get there it does not matter if it is a virtual or not, but to just sit in the comfort of you own home and never use a GPS, well that’s just plain wrong.
    It’s like being a Train Spotter but never going to the railway station; choosing to collect numbers off of the internet instead, or calling yourself an athlete just because you watch the Olympics on TV. If people want to use the website that way then that’s their business, just don’t insult the rest of us by calling themselves geocachers.

  4. yahoo -

    Try not to take yourselves too seriously. This is only a game with no real objective after all.

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