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Geocaching With Ducks And EaglesFeb 24, 2008

Well, we finally got out Geocaching the other day after over a 2 month hiatus, and it sure felt great! Between the holidays, weather, work and home redecorating (still not finished!) we have just never had the time. The weather has been the biggest factor in stopping us from going out. In fact, because of the weather we have done very little walking in the past few months. We’ve resolved ourselves to the fact that we are fair weather Geocachers. :)

We were able to find five caches within a few kilometers of our home in a couple of areas that we have never been to before. The areas included trails around two lakes that will require a revisit in the summer when it will be a more comfortable stroll, and to find other caches there that we never had time for.

This is a view of one of the lakes that we were at:

Lake View


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Martha Stewart Meets Geocaching!Feb 21, 2008

Renzo Tobias is attempting to raise the bar for Geocaching swag and doing a great job at it! His website chronicles a growing list of how-to’s to make your own cool cache treasures. As he says, “If you want McToys, buy a meal. I want treasure. Now let’s make some”

Here you’ll find comprehensive instructions to create your own swag to move away from the normal ‘dollar store’ cache offerings. There is also beautifully designed, free downloadable templates to help you with your creations:

Martha Stewart Meets Geocaching


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Was St. Valentine A Geocacher?Feb 13, 2008

With St. Valentine’s Day soon upon us we were thinking, “What will we do this year to celebrate the special day?” Immediately, Geocaching came to mind! Of course we didn’t stop there, on no! We weren’t just thinking about what we could do on this day. We were thinking, “How could we Geocache with a Valentine’s Day theme”?

We came up with lots of ideas and they can all be elaborated on the two ideas below:


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Geocache Navigator Now Free For NokiaFeb 11, 2008

Trimble recently announced that a free version of their Geocache Navigator application is available for free. This free offer is available for the Nokia N95, Nokia N82 and Nokia 6110 Navigator phones.

Geocache Navigator allows you to enjoy Geocaching on your GPS enabled phone without the need for a separate GPS unit.

Please note, that although free, a data plan is recommended and carrier charges may apply.

For more info please go to Geocache Navigator by Trimble

Keep on cachin’!

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