Was St. Valentine A Geocacher?

Posted in Miscellaneous on Feb 13, 2008

With St. Valentine’s Day soon upon us we were thinking, “What will we do this year to celebrate the special day?” Immediately, Geocaching came to mind! Of course we didn’t stop there, on no! We weren’t just thinking about what we could do on this day. We were thinking, “How could we Geocache with a Valentine’s Day theme”?

We came up with lots of ideas and they can all be elaborated on the two ideas below:

Give coordinates for a romantic meeting
You could give your special Geocacher the coordinates of a restaurant where you have planned a romantic dinner, a secret rendezvous or tryst. Remember to give them the meeting time!

Hide a special gift in a private cache
Create a private cache, only for this purpose, around your home or in your yard filled with special gifts; cinnamon hearts, chocolates, a free kiss pass, etc. and then give the coordinates to your special someone in a Valentine’s Day card!

Using these ideas as a base you can let your imagination run wild for your own special Valentine’s Day Geocaching idea. Have fun thinking up your own special Love Day celebration with a Geocaching theme!

We also found that a search on geocaching.com for ‘valentine’ shows a fair number of Valentine’s Day related caches. Perhaps there’s one in your area that you could search for on Valentine’s Day. If not, why not create one! A great project for ‘lovebirds’ to work on!

This reminds us of a previous post we made where ‘love’ was the theme. It was a cute wedding proposal. Check it out here if you missed it.

It also reminded us of our trip to San Francisco last summer. One of the caches we found was Cupid’s Bow and Arrow!

We wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! Have fun!

Keep on cachin’!

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