Martha Stewart Meets Geocaching!

Posted in Featured on Feb 21, 2008

Renzo Tobias is attempting to raise the bar for Geocaching swag and doing a great job at it! His website chronicles a growing list of how-to’s to make your own cool cache treasures. As he says, “If you want McToys, buy a meal. I want treasure. Now let’s make some”

Here you’ll find comprehensive instructions to create your own swag to move away from the normal ‘dollar store’ cache offerings. There is also beautifully designed, free downloadable templates to help you with your creations:

Martha Stewart Meets Geocaching

Although Renzo’s website is less than a month old there are already over a dozen cache crafts’ to choose from. How about creating your own GeoCoins for less than 20 cents each or crafting your very own Geocaching license? Or how about a Sleeping President Lincoln Travel Buddy or Geocache Collector Cards? And then there’s our favorite – plans for a nifty, super-duper decoder wheel that translates from Morse Code to semaphore to sign language to ASCII to ROT13 and back again! Now who wouldn’t appreciate finding one of these after a lengthy puzzle quest?

Renzo is really taking swag to a higher plane, not only with his unique ideas and creations, but with his willingness to share the steps and templates with the Geocache community, inspiring us to create our own. Renzo, our hats are off to you!

Click here to visit Renzo’s Custom Cache

Keep on cachin’!

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