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The Top 50 Songs To Go GeocachingApr 28, 2008

When we’re heading out to go Geoacaching one of the first things we do is plug in the iPod to our car stereo and turn it up loud. We love ‘rockin’ to the oldies’ and find that there’s nothing better than good music to set the mood. They always said that ‘music soothes the savage breast’ but we have always believed, like Keith Richards, that ‘Rock and Roll is like a heart machine – its gotta go up and down’!

The Top 50 Songs To Go Geocaching

We put together an awesome music mix specifically for caching that we call our Top 50 Songs To Go Geocaching and we thought that we would share them with you.

We realize that most of the songs are over 30 years old but, hey, that’s when all the good ones were made. :). Yes, we are dating ourselves but what can we say?, we are children of the ’70’s – when rock was hard and life was bliss!

So here’s what we’re listening to, in no particular order:

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Travel Bugs Are Missing In Action!?Apr 19, 2008

Are Travel Bugs like socks that get lost in the wash or, like Bermuda, is there a Geocaching Triangle? Or is it just us? Three of the four Travel Bugs that we moved have gone missing!

Last month we received a notice via the TB Watchlist that Pepper, a small, huggable stuffed bear, that we moved across the country last September is no where to be found. After viewing the logs of the other three TB’s we see that two of them were picked up but never released again.

Travel Bugs Are Missing In Action

We found Pepper on 9/17/2007 in Gathai’s Secret Stash, near a great park just off the Crowsnest Highway, BC on our way to beautiful Christina Lake. Once home, or over 4000Kms later, we dropped him off at The Troll on 10/03/2007. On 03/24/2008 a log entry noted that Pepper was not in the cache. :(


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Cache In Trash Out Event At Shubie ParkApr 13, 2008

We just back from a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) event held at Shubie Park, a local park and trail system.

This event was organized by the first year Ecotourism Students from the Nova Scotia Community College – Akerley Campus. They are currently in a “green event planning” class and as a group they had to create an event, plan it and then follow through with it. The event they chose as a class was today’s Cache In Trash Out event. The students provided both garbage and recycling bags along with gloves and hand sanitizer. After it was over they hauled the garbage away.

Cache In Trash Out

As you can see, it was a successful day with a fair amount of garbage collected. We were able to pick up well over a half of a garbage bag full on our trek. One of the strangest things we picked up was an old car radio. Why it was here off a park trail system is beyond us!


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Lunchtime Geocaching By A LakeApr 07, 2008

There’s this great Lebanese restaurant that we frequent located in a nearby business park. All their food is great but their Chicken Swarma Pita is ‘outa dis world’! We dropped by on Friday and shared one (yes, they’re that big!) and afterwards we went for a walk around a nearby lake to walk it off.

Lunchtime Geocaching By A Lake

We picked up three more caches while we were there. They included this one that was between the cracks in a large rock:


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