Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park

Posted in Our Finds on Jun 02, 2008

Last week, while in Roseville, California for GeoWoodstock VI, we spent a day Geocaching at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. The park is located in the Sierra-Nevada foothills about 25 miles east of Sacramento and it offers lots of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Since we didn’t bring a horse or a bike we stuck to the hiking. :)

Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park

Throughout the weekend we were warned about the creepy-crawlies that inhabit North California, like rattle snakes and tarantulas as well as poison oak. Since we come from an area where the worse thing that can find you is a tick or maybe an angry duck we thought that today might qualify as a Challenge Cache. We were very careful to tap the caches with our walking sticks, watch where we stepped and jumped around and made noise. It must have worked because all we saw were eagles, lizards, chipmunks and deer. :)

This was a great day. We spent over 6 hours hiking the trails, Geocaching and looking at beautiful vistas. Here are a few photos:

Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park
Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park
Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park
Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park
Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park
Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park
Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park

We found six caches throughout the day. Each one was close to the trails and fairly easy to find.

Btw, we were only joking about only having ticks and angry ducks at home. We also have coyotes, lynx and black bears. ;)

Keep on cachin’!

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4 Responses to “ Geocaching At Folsom Lake Park ”

  1. P.J. -

    Looks like a nice place to cache. Also seems like you had a blast, which is always good!

  2. Hick@Heart -

    I love those California Skies. Great photos. You might not have noticed but it looks like someone dropped a quarter near those seed pod things.

    So, as Dr. Evil might ask, are they evil ticks?

  3. Emily -

    Looks like a fantastic place to hike! Wow.

  4. Allen Price -

    Very nice thank you for sharing. Folsom is a great place to Geocache – look us up next time you are in town!

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