08/03/08 – This Week In Geocaching

Posted in In The News on Aug 03, 2008

The Hoosier Family from central Indiana recently got involved with Geocaching and have created an online Geocache hunt they are calling the Geocaching Blog Carnival. There are four clues hidden within their blog and the fourth clue will lead you directly to the ‘cache’. When you find the cache, log your visit on their comment form. All entries will be placed in a draw for a hardcopy of a book called ‘Mistaken Identity’. Good luck to all! You can find out more here.

Our friend Elin Carlson from Geocaching with EMC of Northridge was featured in an article this week in the Los Angeles Daily News. We featured Elin here on Geocaching Online back in January when she was nearing 15,000 caches. Since then she has picked up another 1500 and obviously still going strong. Click here to read the Daily News article about the #3 rated Geocacher in the world!

We had a bit of bad news this week in the Geocaching world with a couple of bomb scares. In Midland, Texas a suspicious package was found and the bomb squad was called in. After using their bomb robot to x-ray the package it was found to be a Geocache. You can read more here.

And in Ottawa another suspicious package was reported when it was discovered under the Transitway bridge. The bridge and area was closed down for over fur hours and eventually the cache was blown up. There’s more here and here.

As you can imagine this has caused quite a stir in the Geocaching community with concern over cache placement and possible restrictions. Darin, over at The Squidzone, has posted an extensive article on how to keep Geocaching from being banned. It’s a great read, check it out.

On a lighter note, a followup article was posted in the Nova News Now, a local newspaper to our home, that tells of the positive results of a recent Geocaching information session called the Kings County Adventure. Check out the pic of the three amigos here! :)

These were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across this week that we wanted to make note of.

Keep on cachin’!

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7 Responses to “ 08/03/08 – This Week In Geocaching ”

  1. Ben -

    Her name is “Elin”, not “Erin”, Carlson. Some friend. 😛 (must not be in your lifeline book like she is for every cacher on the west coast. 😛

  2. go_man -

    LOL! Thanks for picking up the typo! Lifeline book?

  3. P.J. -

    As always, a fine read on the weekly goings on in this geocaching World. 😀

  4. EMC of Northridge, CA -

    Yes, I have over 100 geocachers in my PDA as lifelines! 😉


  5. go_man -

    Again, lifeline? :)

  6. tonka_boy -

    You know, lifeline – like on the quiz shows. If you get stumped on a cache you can use a lifeline, as in call a friend for a hint. Nice post as always.

  7. go_man -

    LOL! Really?! Some people call a friend so that their friend can tell them where the cache is? Too funny… Oh well… Thanks for the info, guess we’ll have to start watching more TV…

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