08/10/08 – This Week In Geocaching

Posted in In The News on Aug 10, 2008

Another seven days goes quickly by and it’s time to take a moment and have a look at a few things that went on in the Geocaching world this past week:

It seems that in addition to announcing to thieves that you have a GPS unit by mounting it on your car windshield you may also be opening yourself up for a $100. fine if you live in California and Minnesota where it is illegal to mount anything on your cars windshield. However, there are now bills in motion to exempt GPSs from this law. Here’s more on this from the LA Times.

Geocachers in Zanesville, Ohio paid tribute to military personnel who have been killed since 2001. The event featured a potluck lunch followed by a ceremony recognizing 21 fallen Ohio military personnel. Click here for more.

And there are more Geocachers in the news this week! This time it’s Cacheka (aka Kathy Sarafino) of Sebastian, Florida. She is a member of the Spacecoast Geocachers Association and in addition to Geocaching Cacheka and her husband Bob are avid Rvers too. Read more about her here.

On a different note, apparently a group of travellers had a vacation from hell when their GPS led them astray and left them stranded on the edge of a cliff. You can read more about their harrowing experience here and here.

In a related story our friends, the Northwoods GeoCats, recently posted an article about the need for a bit of common sense when reading GPSr directions, as well a great example why you cannot rely 100% on these units. Check it out here.

And speaking of friends, it was nice to hear that Hick from Geocaching With Hick@Heart is still alive and kickin’! No need to send out the search party now. :)

These were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across this week that we wanted to share.

Keep on cachin’!

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3 Responses to “ 08/10/08 – This Week In Geocaching ”

  1. P.J. -

    I’m not convinced that hick is alive. I think it’s all a cover up. It wouldn’t be the first time you guys were in cahoots together. :)

    Speaking of which, it seems like we need search crews for you, too. One post a week? Come on! Work with us.

    Well, at least you give me my weekly knowing of what the heck else is going on out there in the caching world! Good post, as always!

  2. go_man -

    LOL! PJ, even the one post has been a chore! It’s summer, man! It’s the time for laying back, chilling out, taking it easy… sheesh! :)

    Hey, at least I’m being honest. I could have said that I’ve been busy working (oh, I’m so busy, I’m so busy…) like some one we know. :)

  3. Hick@Heart -

    I heard that even when Hick has time to put down the coconut drink and check his e-mail, the little ones are on the computer and he’s not able to use it.

    Hi there! I’m still around. And looking great too. Oops, did I say that last part out loud?

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