08/24/08 – This Week In Geocaching

Posted in In The News on Aug 24, 2008

Do you feel a bit of Geocaching romance is in the air? Are you looking for a way to pop the big question? Well, maybe this article will help. It gives some great examples of creative cachers at work once again.

Wired.com brings Seero to our attention. Seero.com is a geo-broadcasting platform for users to broadcast and experience destinations around the world. If you are a citizen journalist, local tour guide, back road explorer, talented performer, or simply have a great destination to unveil, Seero is your platform to broadcast your world. Here’s the article.

Is Geocaching a boys game? This question generated a lot of comments from the Geocaching community this week. Follow along here.

The Zen of Geocaching? Blogger Nameless Me gives deeper meaning to the sport here.

PJ, over at the HooHaa blog, recounts his exciting trip to Watkins Glen State Park and then to the Sampson State Park for a picnic with the New York Geocaching Organization. Check out the great story and photos here!

And that’s the way we saw this week in Geocaching! Seriously, these were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across this week that we wanted to share.

Oh, btw, you can always find more weekly Geocaching news here.

Keep on cachin’!

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  1. P.J. -

    Another good wrapup of the week and some good links. Especially from that P.J. guy. I highly recommend that as “must read material.” :)

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