Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

Posted in Events on Aug 25, 2008

After getting back from the night cache it was right to bed because we had an early wake up call. We were getting up at 5:30am for a hike up to Cape Split and we had to be at the trail head at 6:30am. We’ll do a separate post for this later.

In addition to the Cape Split hike there were plenty of other things to do for each and every one of the 66 adults and kids that attended. There was the Geofest Challenge, GeoTrivia, Kids Kache, Blomidon Bingo, Fortune Cookie Cache and Closest To The Pin games. Here’s a couple of the event organizers getting one of the kid’s game started:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

The festivities were followed by a corn boil and potluck supper which was simply awesome! There was so much great food that you had to go back for seconds… and thirds. The corn was the best that we had ever tasted. It was from Bob Ansem’s U-Pick, a local farm located at 1949 Lakewood Road, Steam Mill, NS (N45 06.708 W064 30.735). There’s something to be said for getting it fresh from the farm! There was also barbequed sausages, chili and rolls, salads, cold meats, mussels and a whole slew of desserts!

The ‘kitchen staff’ was so busy preparing this meal that they were just running to and fro. Here you can see one of them moving so fast that he was just a blur :):

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

We had to be quick to get the following pic of the ‘buffet’ table because once the dinner bell rang it wasn’t long before there was a scramble to get the FTE (First To Eat). Here’s the winner (and no surprise!):

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

After the feast was over prizes were given out for the winners of the various games and draws, and there were lots of them! They were donated by local Geocachers and some companies including The Adventure Outfitters (TAO), Landsharkz, Groundspeak, Oakcoins, 3 Geeks Outdoor Store, Island Buttons and The Trail Shop. Mrs_go was the lucky winner of a Travel Bug tag for the GeoTrivia game. There were two prizes given for this game – one was given to the person who answered the MOST questions correctly and she won the other one ;). We are also now the lucky, and proud, owners of a beautiful, hand-crafted walking stick that was donated by Eastriver, of ‘First Canada Cache’ fame:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

The ACGA Auction TB was also unveiled and on display this weekend:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

The plaque is a mosaic of Geocacher photos from the Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association photo gallery that was designed and created by ‘Pushing Tin’ (great job!). The Travel Bug is a fundraiser with half of the money generated going to ACGA events and the other half going to a charity of the winner’s choice. Kudos to Finn, who was the winner of the auction with the highest bid of $60. Her charity of choice was Ride For Sight. Finn gets to keep the TB in her possession for a few months and then at the next event it will be up for auction again. We were outbid early in the auction so we’ll have to start socking away for the next time it makes it’s appearance!

The evening finished with a cake that was made specifically for Geofest and then there was a campfire:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

Here are some more photos of the event:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

We have to apologize for using so many clichĂ© words like spectacular, fantastic, great and awesome in this post but there really is no other way to describe this weekend – the weather was so spectacular and we had such a fantastic time! We hiked our legs off, ate so much great food and met so many awesome people! :)

Our hats are off to the organizers of this event, The Geofest Crew: Canuck Thistles, NSS/NSD, Finn, SpiritFury, jai06, Blkhawks, 4Fitzs and eastriver. Special thanks to their helpers bluenose climbers, stagunner and down home girl. It was quite obvious that you all went up and beyond the ‘call of duty’ to ensure that this was a success, and it definitely was! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Keep on cachin’!

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7 Responses to “ Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon ”

  1. Finn -

    Awesome article!!

  2. #1 Scout -

    I have to agree 150% with all that has been said above because I was part of this year’s Geofest 2008 !
    Talk about fun ! Keep up the good work !
    #1 Scout
    Moncton, NB.

  3. tonka_boy -

    Great post! I think I’ll quit geocaching and just stay home to read about your adventures. You live the life.

    Great photos. One day I’ll have to learn to use a camera.

  4. Hick@Heart -

    This was nothing short of spectacular, fantastic, great and awesome. Wait, did you mention something about that? Great photos.

    A corn boil? Seriously? That’s just a fancy name to hide the fact that it’s “just corn”. I’m from Illinois, I know corn. Intimately!

    Me: “What’s for dinner?”
    You: “Where having a corn boil.”
    Me: “So what does that entail?”
    You: “corn”
    Me: “Right then, Pass me the butter.”

  5. Hick@Heart -

    Hey, I’m coming to Canada! In a few weeks I’ll make my first trip to “CANADA, America’s Hat” I’ll be way on the other “side” in Alberta but hey, Canada nonetheless! I’ll make sure to pick up an Oilers jersey for the boy. Then I’ll keep saying, “Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH?” Hoser. I think I’ll fit right in.

  6. P.J. -

    Just curious… did you enjoy the event? :)

    I love events. In fact, I’m becoming addicted to them. I don’t often take part in all the caches and hikes. I just like mingling. It’s the best part of it for me. I do my caching and such, but I love discovering coins, talking to people, letting them discover my coins and just learning about others.

    We are starting a cache club in our area and we had an event not too long ago, which was a lot of fun. I’m going to a couple in the upcoming weeks and can’t wait for them. Good times.

    Great story and photos. I enjoyed reading about the event. Maybe one day down the road we’ll be at the same event!

  7. go_man -

    Finn, awesome time! Thanks again for a great hike!

    Scout, glad to see you there!

    Tonka, don’t give up Geocaching! What would we read?!

    Hick, a double comment? Coffee jitters too? No, this just wasn’t any corn, this was the best corn! Coming to Canada, eh? Cool, I’ll call Alberta and let them know. Hint: Don’t say ‘hoser’… it’s so, mmmm… eighties!

    PJ, looking forward to meeting soon! It’s in the cache, er’, in the cards…

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