09/21/08 – Geocaching In The News

Posted in In The News on Sep 21, 2008

Wow! Another great week for Geocachers in the news!

Here’s a great article (and photo) about Tim Eubanks of Natchez, Mississippi.

Several cachers are featured in this article about the fourth annual Valencia County Fun Days Geocaching event in New Mexico

Bill Bashaw, Teri Ligon and Bea Vandenberg from Nevada are featured in this article telling why they enjoy Geocaching.

You can also read about Greg McDaniel and Alaina Williams, members of the Pee Dee Cachers in South Carolina, in this article about a recent park cleanup they attended.

We found an interesting topic in the GC forums this week regarding a suggestion that was made to have a ‘Cache Maintenance Week’. You can read more about this here.

Apparently there was another cache blown up because of a bomb scare in Carson City, Nevada last week. You can read more here.

And finally, from the realm of Cool Caches comes this story. We won’t say much other than to say read this and this. Make sure you check out the photos!

And that’s the way we saw this week in Geocaching! Seriously, these were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across this week that we wanted to share.

Oh, btw, you can always find more weekly Geocaching news here and here.

Keep on cachin’!

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2 Responses to “ 09/21/08 – Geocaching In The News ”

  1. Hick -

    I checked out the space cache and it’s really impressive. the photos are great. Am I the only one wonering what the “saucer” shaped thing in the photos is? “insert twilight zone misic here”

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the skin coverings.

  2. P.J. -

    I love the week in caching feature. It really is a good way to make sure we can see what’s out there when not paying attention. 😉

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