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09/07/08 – Geocaching In The NewsSep 07, 2008

Several GeoCachers were in the news again this week. John Jurasek, Larry von Kleeck, Mark Kusick and Christine Toth attended a Geocaching event at Tallman Mountain State Park, New York, as well as first-time cacher Laura Nugent. Read about the event here.

The Geocaching Podcast Show has a new broadcast time. You can read the announcement here and as always, you can listen to their show here.

Remember when we did a post a few months back about the missing Travel Bugs? Well, we guess that the same holds true for GeoCoins too. Click here for a recent survey of missing coins on the GC forums.

Here’s something that sounds like a lot of fun, and for a good cause too! The Technology Access Foundation (TAF), in an effort to raise funds to support TAF Programs, are putting on the TAF Annual Geocache Cup. For more information click here.

Will GPS and online directions make paper maps obsolete? A good question! Check out this article by Toledo Blade writer, Kirk Baird here, the answer may surprise you.

And that’s the way we saw this week in Geocaching! Seriously, these were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across this week that we wanted to share.

Oh, btw, you can always find more weekly Geocaching news here and here.

Keep on cachin’!

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Scaterie Island Geocaching EventSep 04, 2008

Last weekend, on Sunday August 31st, there was another local Geocaching event but unfortunately we were not able to attend it. We were thrilled when stagunner contacted us and sent in this great article and allowed us to post it here:

Recently, several cachers had the opportunity to explore Scaterie Island, Nova Scotia. This large island is located just off the coast of Cape Breton near the fishing village of Main A’Deiu. The island is now Scatarie Island Provincial Wildlife Management Area and hosts several species of animals and birds. It is about 10 kilometers long (6 miles), fairly level and has some spectacular scenery. The Island is also the largest island not connected to the mainland and has the most easterly point of the province at the far end.

Scaterie Island Geocaching Event

It has lighthouses on each end and has several empty houses and other buildings. It was one inhabited by several families but now they only come over for camping and other special visits.

The event was hosted by Hershey1 and MineRP and involved a 30 minute crossing in the Kenny’s Pride, a local fisherman’s boat. The event was planned earlier in the summer as MineRP and hershey1 brainstormed the idea while caching one day. After researching the plan and getting together the boat and crew they managed to place 20 caches out on the Island. Now it was the cachers turn to gather on the day and get ready to grab the goodies.


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Geocaching Blog Headlines AddedSep 03, 2008

In our attempt to keep up to date with other Geocaching related blogs we have added a new Headlines aggregator. What it does is list the last 10 posts made by a variety of Geocaching blogs.

By clicking the headline you will go directly to the full post on the blog website and by clicking the website title you’ll go directly to the site’s main page. Hovering your mouse over the headline will show you an enticing snippet of the posted article.

Geocaching Blog Headlines Added

At this time there is just nine of our favorite blogs listed, including ‘Northwoods Geocats’, ‘Team Hick@Heart’, ‘A Lil HooHaa’, ‘EMC of Northridge’, ‘Geocaching Journal’, ‘Electronic Breadcrumbs’, ‘I’m Not Obsessed’, ‘Two Ninjas And Mom’ and ‘Blazerfan’s Adventures’.

To minimize page load time the aggregator is updated roughly every hour and then cached (the saving kind, not the Geocaching kind :)).

You can access the Geocaching blog Headlines by the link on the top menu or you can click here.

Now, we’re not guaranteeing that this will keep us up to date (we still have to check it!) but hopefully it will help!

Feel free to bookmark the Headlines page so that you too can keep abreast of what’s happening in the sport of Geocaching!

Keep on cachin’!

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