10/26/08 – Geocaching In The News

Posted in In The News on Oct 26, 2008

Joining the Geocaching tourism wave, The Halifax, Nova Scotia Regional Community Access Program (C@P) recently announced that they have developed the first Limited Edition C@P GeoCoin to be released in Nova Scotia. You can read more about this here.

And the Statesville Convention & Visitors Bureau and Carolina BalloonFest organizers added a new component to their annual three-day rally on the weekend – Geocaching! Read about it here.

Geocachers Nick Erno and his Dad, Chris, Jason Breedlove (who we know as Blazerfan), Mark Brazelton, Pat and Karen McNeilly are mentioned in this article.

The Masonic Geocaching Society is to be launched on Nov. 1st. The event is a chance for Geocachers to come together and find out about new Masonic-themed caches hidden across the country. You can read more here.

GPS Enterprises, LLC has announced that it is now making GPSr’s available for rent and off-road units are available for hiking, camping, and Geocaching. More info is available here.

And finally, here’s another one of those “don’t follow this guy too closely” situations. Seems he followed his GPSr directions right into the drink! Trusting is one thing but… LOL! You can read more here.

And that’s the way we saw this week in Geocaching! Seriously, these were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across that we wanted to share.

Oh, btw, you can always find more weekly Geocaching news here and here.

Keep on cachin’!

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