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Geocaching The Shearwater Flyer TrailOct 02, 2008

We first walked The Shearwater Flyer Trail over a month ago and shortly afterwards heard that there were more caches being added soon so we decided to wait until then to do this post. We returned earlier this week to finish up this ‘cache run’ (presently there are 15 caches on this relatively short trail!) so this post is two, two posts in one. :)

The main part of the Shearwater Flyer Trail is a 5km (3 mile) well groomed, flat trail located between trailheads on Bisset Rd. (N44 39.436 W63 26.926) and Caldwell Rd. (N44 37.568 W63 28.951) in Dartmouth, NS. It continues across the road from this point for another 2-3 km and leads into the Shearwater area. The Bisset Road trailhead is located just across the road from one of the trailheads for the Salt Marsh Trail.

Geocaching The Shearwater Flyer Trail

The Shearwater Flyer follows a portion of the former railway route that connects the Salt Marsh Trail and Atlantic View Trail. Because of the trail’s ideal round trip length of 10kms (6 miles) it is a very popular trail for walkers and bicycle riders. There are several wooden bridges that go over small waterways that lead to larger lakes in the area.

There was a fair amount of wildlife on the trail. We saw butterflies, grasshoppers, a snake, caught a glimpse of a rabbit and found hints of bear. Here are some photos:


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Mrs_Go Turns 100 While Geocaching!Oct 01, 2008

Yep, that’s right! Mrs_go turns 100! She has reached the big One-Oh-Oh! One hundred Geocaches that is!

After sitting at number 99 for the past week or so we finally got out yesterday and she was able to topple this Geocaching hurdle. She says it’s not about the numbers but reaching this milestone has been a common topic of conversation around here (When are we going caching? When are we going caching? Are we going caching today? Are we going caching today?).

Does this photo look like one who doesn’t care about the numbers!? :)

Mrs_Go Turns 100 While Geocaching

Unfortunately, the video of her happy dance didn’t come out well enough to post. :(

We celebrated this special occasion with water and trail mix. A few bumblebees and crows attended. Party, party, party.

A big tip of the Tilley to you mrs_go! Here’s to the next 100!

Keep on cachin’!

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