12/28/08 – Geocaching In The News

Posted in In The News on Dec 30, 2008

Sally Davis, president of the Middle Tennessee Geocachers Club is mentioned in this great article about more city and town locations that are offering Geocaching incentives to visit. You can read more here.

The Waynesboro, Pennsylvania police are still looking for the Geocacher who left the ‘suspicious device’ that we told you about last week. You’ll find the continuing story here.

A mysterious item stashed in the base of a light pole in Urbana, Ohio caused the Wright-Patterson Bomb Squad to be called in. On investigation it proved to be a cache. More here.

The city of Aberdeen joins the Maryland state trail that continues to gain momentum as more cities and towns join in. A short mention is made here.

And speaking of the Maryland state trail, the official launch is this coming Thursday, New Year’s Day. The Maryland Municipal League Geocache Trail includes 78 towns and cities across the state! For more info about this great project please go here.

A big WOW! Is all we can say for the latest update to the HooHaa GeoChallenge Race. Gunny’s Electric Bug has taken a big leap to 1st place with 6517.7 miles! TripCyclone drops to 2nd with 3848.3 miles, in 3rd place is the Geocats Racer with 669.4 miles, in 4th is Just A Nut with 256.9 miles, in 5th is EMC’s Cookie with 139.2 miles, in 6th is the Champion Quilt with 123.2 miles, in 7th is GoGo T. Urtle with 38.9 miles, followed close in 8th place by Peace, Luv and TB’s with 31. 1 miles, and in 9th is the yet to be placed Hick’s World.

Btw – You can keep updated on the race positions at anytime by visiting GeoCache: I’m NOT Obsessed… Right? and scrolling down the right-hand menu.

And that’s the way we saw this week, or so, in Geocaching! Seriously, these were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across this week that we wanted to share.

Oh, btw, you can always find more weekly Geocaching news here and here.

Keep on cachin’!

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3 Responses to “ 12/28/08 – Geocaching In The News ”

  1. golfgunny -

    Thanks for the “shout out.” Keep in mind that any one of our little racers could take off at any moment!

    I think it would be really neat if our racers actually traveled to the local area of fellow competitors.

  2. P.J. -

    All the news that’s fit to print!

    So, any new caching stories or are you all snowed in up there in the Great White North? :)

  3. go_man -

    Gunny, a visit to the other competitors would be nuce but we would be happy if ours just moved! 😉

    PJ, we got some stories up our sleeves that we hope to get online soon. As for snow, we’re in the midst of a blizzard right now. There’s a 4 foot drift up against the door so we may be snow bound for a bit. :)

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