02/01/08 – Geocaching In The News

Posted in In The News on Feb 01, 2009

This week we have lots of Geocachers in the news, Geocaching for earthquakes, a double bomb scare and the latest HooHaa race updates. Read on…

Here’s a story about Peter Near and his two daughters, Jaimee and Katlyn, as well as Paul Bruch and Anne Hogan of the Ontario Geocaching Association. You can read more here.

Bret Hammond, Mike Gentry, Jay Banner and Brian Woods gathered last week in Linton, Indiana along with about 30 other Geocachers at a meet and greet. You can read more here.

Geocachers Cheyenne Flagg, Shania Smith, Brytni Stuard, Tristen Dyer, and his father David met with teacher Paula Roy’s students for a Geocaching intro day. Looks like they had a great time. You can read more here.

Lorraine Beever and Bob Aston, a couple of the ‘top hiders’ in the UK, are featured in this article from the Lancashire Evening Post. You can read more here.

Mike Foley and his two daughters Amber and Summer from Mississauga are featured in this short article here.

Kevin Lange and Lorrie LeBlanc from Fort Myers, Florida are featured in this article here.

The Conway Fire Department Bomb Squad’s robot now has two geocache “finds” to its credit… and both were hidden by the same Geocacher! Check it out here and here.

Here’s a unique idea where Geocaching is used for local promotion. Here in Mississippi Geocaches are being use to make us more aware of earthquakes awareness and disaster preparedness! There’s more info here.

And once again, the latest standings for the HooHaa GeoChallenge Race. Still in 1st place, and moving again, is TripCyclone’s Easy Flyer with 8007.1 miles, in 2nd place is Gunny’s Electric Bug with 6517.7 miles, moving into 3rd place is Kiss My Cache’s Peace Luv and Travel Bugs with 2457.7, in 4th is Geocat’s Racer with 669.4 miles, in 5th place is Hick’s World with 505.5 miles, in 6th place and still on the move is HeadHardHAt’s Just A Nut with 256.9 miles, in 7th place with a few added miles is EMC’s Chocolate Chip Cookie with 159.8 miles, in 8th place is PJ’s Champion Quilt with 123.2 miles and still in 9th place is our very own GoGo T. Urtle who woke up from his sleep long enough to plod another 15 miles North East for a total of 54.5 miles. :)

Btw – You can keep updated on the race positions at anytime by visiting GeoCache: I’m NOT Obsessed… Right? and scrolling down the right-hand menu.

And tha, tha, tha, that’s the way we saw this week, or so, in Geocaching! Seriously, these were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across this week that we wanted to share.

Oh, btw, you can always find more weekly Geocaching news here and here. If you know of an article we missed you can let us know here.

Keep on cachin’!

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3 Responses to “ 02/01/08 – Geocaching In The News ”

  1. P.J. -

    Theyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’re back! :)

    Good wrap, as per always. Been a while since some in-depth reports on your travels. Been anywhere lately? Or too much snow? 😀

  2. go_man -

    Yeah, we’re always here! We haven’t been anywhere and yes, there’s too much snow! LOL!

  3. golfgunny -

    Sorry to hear that the snow puts such a damper on caching for you. I’m waiting for the big thaw, and the huge leap your TB will take!

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