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Posted in In The News on Mar 15, 2009

Here’s the latest in news about Geocaching! This issue has lots of Geocachers, events held, events coming up and the latest standings in the HooHaa Travel Bug race. Read on!

About a dozen Geocachers from Tri-Cities Geocachers including Joe Solomon, Dennis Mott and Jeff Hartman got together for a CITO event in Tennessee recently. You can read more here.

Denise Kleiner, founder of Old Braden River Historical Society in Florida, is mentioned in this article here. There’s a related article here.

Ann Quattlebaum, Tony Papazian, his daughter Sierra, his son, Sage and his wife, Debra and John Cahill, his wife, Barbara, and their son Kyle, and daughter, Kaelyn of California are mentioned in this article here.

Kelley Fullen, Larry Cunningham of the Central Ohio Geocachers explain their exploints in this interesting article here.

Here you can read about the fourth grade pupils at the Conover Road Elementary School in New Jersey that released Travel Bugs and are following its travels.

An introductory Geocaching event was held in Bemidji, MN that was quite well received. You can read more here.

Going to New Mexico any time soon? If so, here’s an article you may find interesting.

There is an introduction to Geocaching article here in the San Marcos Daily Record.

Discovery Park, at Eastern Arizona College’s Dis-covery Park Campus, is no longer allowing Geocaching. Check the artick out here.

And if you haven’t hear already, the 7th Annual Cache In Trash Out Events will be held on May 2nd and 3rd, 2009. You can find out more here.

And finally, with little change are the latest standings for the HooHaa GeoChallenge Race. Still in 1st place, and still on the move, is TripCyclone’s Easy Flyer with 8042.8 miles, in 2nd place is Gunny’s Electric Bug with 6517.7 miles, with a big move into 3rd place is HeadHardHat’s Just A Nut with 3544 miles, in 4th place and moving is Kiss My Cache’s Peace Luv and Travel Bugs with 2457.7, in 5th is Geocat’s Racer with 669.4 miles, in 6th place is Hick’s World with 505.5 miles, in 7th place and moving is PJ’s Champion Quilt with 427.5 miles, in 8th place is EMC’s Chocolate Chip Cookie with 159.8 miles , and still in 9th place, still protecting the back door, is our very own GoGo T. Urtle who is resting comfortably at Codswallop with a total of 54.6 miles. :)

And that’s the way we saw the past couple of weeks in Geocaching! Seriously, these were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across this week that we wanted to share.

Oh, btw, you can always find more weekly Geocaching news here and here. If you know of an article we missed you can let us know here.

Keep on cachin’!

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