A Rock And Roll Jukebox GeoCoin

Posted in GeoCoins on Mar 19, 2009

We received a bit of a surprise when we went to our mailbox a couple of months ago. Inside was a small package that had a fair amount of weight to it. After rushing home we quickly opened it and look what we found inside, a cool Jukebox Geocoin!:

A Rock And Roll Jukebox GeoCoin

Does it look familiar? It’s a replica of the jukebox image that we did for our Top 50 Songs To Go Geocaching post from almost a year ago.

Mike, from Atwellfamily.net contacted us a few months before letting us know that they planned to mint the jukebox image into a Geocoin. He was kind enough to send us a copy.

Here’s what the back of the coin looks like:

A Rock And Roll Jukebox GeoCoin

This is so cool! We have placed it in our treasure chest of Geocaching mementos for safe keeping.

Thanks, Mike! Keep on rockin’!

Keep on cachin’!

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4 Responses to “ A Rock And Roll Jukebox GeoCoin ”

  1. Sparrows_Gold -

    Wow! Great Coin!
    Can you publish the tracking number so we can all say we “discovered it!”

  2. ErikaJean (@airrikajswan) -

    So cOOL! and how thoughtful!

    can you buy it on the site? …I didn’t see it.

  3. go_man -

    LOL! I don’t believe we can do that, Sparrow_Gold :)

    Erika, I believe that they were pre-ordered and went fast. :(

  4. P.J. -

    That is SWEET. Very cool!

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