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The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!Mar 16, 2009

Well, it’s confirmed… we’re baaaaaaack! We have woken from our long winter’s nap and back on the trails! :)

We got out yesterday for our first ‘official’ Geocaching outing this year, and the first one in a long time! Sure, we got out caching with the kids a couple of weeks ago but we really couldn’t count that since we weren’t looking for ‘new’ caches. :)

It was such a beautiful day here with the temps reaching to almost 10C degrees that we decided to go to Shubie Park. The trails were pretty much open to the gravel walks. Those that weren’t were melting fast.

The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

It wasn’t only us that thought going to Shubie today was a great idea. There were lots of other people out taking advantage of this great weather. There were parents pushing strollers, dog owners with their dogs, joggers and walkers. We also met a couple of other Geocachers.

The park’s wildlife was out in full force too. The crows were cawing, the chickadees were chirping and the squirrels were taking full advantage, as they always do, of the abundance of free offerings available to them from the park’s visitors.


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03/15/08 – Geocaching In The NewsMar 15, 2009

Here’s the latest in news about Geocaching! This issue has lots of Geocachers, events held, events coming up and the latest standings in the HooHaa Travel Bug race. Read on!

About a dozen Geocachers from Tri-Cities Geocachers including Joe Solomon, Dennis Mott and Jeff Hartman got together for a CITO event in Tennessee recently. You can read more here.

Denise Kleiner, founder of Old Braden River Historical Society in Florida, is mentioned in this article here. There’s a related article here.

Ann Quattlebaum, Tony Papazian, his daughter Sierra, his son, Sage and his wife, Debra and John Cahill, his wife, Barbara, and their son Kyle, and daughter, Kaelyn of California are mentioned in this article here.

Kelley Fullen, Larry Cunningham of the Central Ohio Geocachers explain their exploints in this interesting article here.

Here you can read about the fourth grade pupils at the Conover Road Elementary School in New Jersey that released Travel Bugs and are following its travels.

An introductory Geocaching event was held in Bemidji, MN that was quite well received. You can read more here.

Going to New Mexico any time soon? If so, here’s an article you may find interesting.


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Caching With The Kids In CastlegarMar 13, 2009

We finally got out Geocaching again… well, sort of. :)

We visited our son and his better half in their home near Castlegar, located in the West Kootenays of British Columbia, a couple of weeks ago. Our daughter and her boyfriend were able to come along with us too. It was the first time that we were all together in a couple of years. This, of course, gave the opportunity to do a bit of family caching.

We had gone Geocaching with our son and his girlfriend several times but our daughter and her boyfriend had never been caching before. We wanted their first caching experience to be positive as well as allow our son to have some fun so the plan was that we would do a couple of caches that mrs_go and I had already been to. This way if the snow was too deep we would know it was a waste of time looking or we would be able to ‘help’ them a bit. Then once they had a few caches ‘under their belt’ we would continue on to some that none of us found.

Our first stop was near the Brilliant Dam just North of town. Here you can see our son reaching in deep for the cache:

Caching With The Kids In Castlegar

This spot is a nice little rest area on the banks of the Kootenay River. It offers washroom facilities, a picnic table or two, a short trail and lots of great views of the river:


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03/01/08 – Geocaching In The NewsMar 01, 2009

Well, in this issue we’ve got lots of cachers, great new uses for GPS, a couple of bomb scares and the latest standings for the HooHaa Travel Bug Race. Read on:

Lisa Brauer, Dan Shea, Cathy Weaver and about 40 other members of the West Central Nebraska Cachers Group met recently for their annual chili feed. You can read more here.

Thirteen year-old Elliot Patnode and sixteen year-old Andy Kittleson, Geocachers from the Ontario County 4-H Club, use their GPSr’s for a community effort of marking their town’s fire hydrants. You can read more here. There is a similar related article here.

Geocacher and author Colleen Coble is interviewed here. Her recent book, ‘Abomination’, is a murder mystery which is centered around Geocaching.

Sue Sandar, the Fraser Valley Ambassador of the B.C. Geocaching Association, is mentioned in this article regarding a Geocaching seminar held last week in Chilliwack.

Geocacher Mark Myers takes Tim O’Shea, both from New Hampshire, out for his first cache hunt in this humorous article here.

Bill and Debby Floerchinger from Minnesota explained Geocaching to approximately 60 people at a “Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in Today’s World” seminar recently. You can read more here.

Geocacher John Bowe from Warrensburg, NY is featured in this Geocaching related article here.

Park officials at Anoka County and Brooklyn Park in Minnesota are seriously looking at policy chnages that will allow Geocaching in their parks. You’ll find more info here.


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