CacheStats 3.0 Released!

Posted in Announcements on Apr 01, 2009

If you like to keep tabs on your Geocaching statistics, you’ll just love CacheStats 3.0!

How has your find rate been holding up over the years? What are your longest streaks? Want to see what it will take to reach your end-of-year goal? CacheStats analyzes your “My Finds” pocket query to find out all this and more!

CacheStats 3.0 Released!

CacheStats is a free Geocaching statistics program created by Doug from LogicWeave, who, when not creating great software spends his spare time Geocaching. I guess you can say that CacheStats was made by a Geocacher for Geocachers! :) The program offers a plethora of statistics presented in an easy-to-read, friendly manner that includes your find rate, averages, yearly data, milestones, a goal calculator, cache info and a whole lot more.

We have had CacheStats listed in the Geocaching Resource Directory since December 2007 but we had never got around to trying it out – our loss. Now, since we have installed it we can’t see caching without it!

We can tell you that viewing our stats was pretty inspiring. After seeing what effect our recent 149 day winter hiatus (yep, it tells you the most consecutive days without a find!) had on our overall statistics we know that if we had CacheStats installed before we would have been out hitting the trails a whole lot sooner!

It also tells you consecutive days with a find. For example, for five days in May (sounds like a Blue Rodeo song :) ) of last year we logged at least one cache per day. Now, this may not seem like a lot to some of you but after the winter we had it shows that since we did it once we can do it again. :)

One of the coolest things is it also allows you to share your stats with others. You can export them, with maps, and post them on your GC page, as seen at the bottom of the page here.

Although installation is pretty simple and straight forward, complete and easy to follow installation instructions are located here. As well, there is a blog where you can get the latest news about CacheStats located here.

And speaking of blogs, CacheStats 3.0 also includes a built-in newsreader where you can keep up to date with the recent posts from 8 Geocaching related blogs including IowaAdmin’s Geocaching Blog, HeadHardHat’s Ingenious Cache Inventor, GeoCache: I’m NOT Obsessed… Right?, Geocaching with EMC of Northridge, CA, Podcacher, Groundspeak’s General Discussions Forum, our blog here at Geocaching Online and of course, the CacheStats Blog.

All in all this is a great utility that we believe will enhance your caching experience. We can go on about all the features that CacheStats offers but the easiest thing would be for you to check it out yourself. It’s a quick install and it is free! (Did we mention it was free?!) You can download it here.

Keep on cachin’!

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3 Responses to “ CacheStats 3.0 Released! ”

  1. golfgunny -

    I’ve been using it for a while, and I love it. I just wish we could run a “my finds” pocket query more often than once per week.

  2. P.J. -

    So how’d you get on their reader?

  3. go_man -

    Just a random choice I figure. Appreciated though!

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