Caching At Morris Lake’s Kiwanis Park

Posted in Our Finds on May 01, 2009

Recently we got a chance to visit the Kiwanis Centre Beach and Park on Morris Lake in Dartmouth, NS and do a bit of Geocaching. This is a small park that was created by volunteers from the local Kiwanis Club. It took them several years to build this fine facility and since it’s creation it has quickly became a popular spot. It is not a large park but it does include several short walking trails, a picnic area and a nice sandy beach with a floating dock.

Caching At Morris Lake

In addition, there is access from the park to a great woodland trail that runs through a peninsula that splits the lake. The trail is a well-worn footpath that travels over rock and through bog areas culminating in a area that offers some great views.

We had to do a bit of bushwacking to reach the cache at the end of this trail and we were glad that we chose this time of year to visit. It’s likely that once the leaves come out slogging across the boggy areas would slow one down. We were also glad to have our waterproof hikers. :)

Here are some photos we took of our visit:

Caching At Cole Harbour Heritage Park
Caching At Morris Lake
Caching At Morris Lake
Caching At Morris Lake
Caching At Morris Lake
Caching At Morris Lake
Caching At Morris Lake
Caching At Morris Lake
Caching At Morris Lake
Caching At Morris Lake

If you are interested in visiting this park you can find it’s location and the available caches here.

Keep on cachin’!

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4 Responses to “ Caching At Morris Lake’s Kiwanis Park ”

  1. ErikaJean -

    Looks like a great spot for caching!!

  2. P.J. -

    Looks like an excellent spot to cache. I talked to someone from NS at the Allegany State Park Geobash last weekend. As I said to him, I’m still planning to get to your neck of the woods for that mega event. I hope anyway!

    (I’m actually heading to Ontario in a few hours for my first Canadian event!)

  3. Jenna -

    Terrific pictures! Looks like a load of fun. We’ve got a bit of Geocaching revolution going on up here in Newfoundland, it’s getting very popular!

  4. Max Jenkins -

    Your third picture down , that is a pain in the back end to get to,I walk the trail every day for the past four months as i just moved to the area.Nice pictures.

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