05/31/08 – Geocaching In The News

Posted in In The News on May 31, 2009

It’s been a few weeks since we released ‘the news’ so we thought that in this issue we would focus solely on Geocachers in the news, and there’s a few of them! Grab a coffee, settle back and read about what your Geocaching buddies are up to. Read on!

Andy Smith, aka HeadHardHat of GeoCache: I’m NOT Obsessed blog fame is featured in this great article here. (We can say we knew him when :) )

Another blogger friend, Elin Carlson, from Geocaching with EMC fame along with John Cappi, Jeff Jost and Robb Boyle are mentioned in this article here.

Sally Smith and her husband Jim Leesburg, Virginia are mentioned in this article here.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota resident Dorin Hemmelman and his family are mentioned in this article here.

Donna Wester, Mary Lee Gunn and Bill Davies, Geocachers from New York are mentioned in this article here.

Nate Cushman of Washington is mentioned in this article here.

University of Florida student Will Dueease is featured in this article here.

Springfield, Missouri residents John Curtis and his wife, Jennifer and Paul Kelsay are mentioned in this article here.

Jim Cox and David Kuhn of Evansville, Indiana are mentioned in this article here.

Shawn and Tiffany Goddard from Snow Hill, Maryland are mentioned in this article here.

Whendi Muhlenbruck and a ‘group of Geocachers’ are mentioned in this article about how they are marking the coordinates for more than 100 notable graves in New York.

Timm Wenger and Corey Sangrey from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and their families are mentioned in this article here.

Several Geocachers are mentioned in this article in the Times-Gazette from Shelby, Tennessee about GeoWoodstock VII.

John Sexton and Paul Kleinheksel from Allegan County, Michigan are mentioned here in this article.

And finally, here are the latest standings for the HooHaa GeoChallenge Race. Still in 1st place is TripCyclone’s Easy Flyer with 8362.9 miles, in 2nd place is Gunny’s Electric Bug with 6517.7 miles, in 3rd place is HeadHardHat’s Just A Nut with 3544 miles, in 4th place and still moving is Kiss My Cache’s Peace Luv and Travel Bugs with 2457.7, moving into 5th is Hick’s World with 1361.1 miles, moving into 6th place is EMC’s Chocolate Chip Cookie with 736.1 miles, now in 7th place is Geocat’s Racer with 669.4 miles, and in 8th place is PJ’s Champion Quilt with 482.4 miles, and still in 9th place, but on the move AGAIN, is our very own GoGo T. Urtle who is returning from a short sojourn to Prince Edward Island with a total of 135.2 miles. :)

And that’s the way we saw the past month or so in Geocaching! Seriously, these were a few interesting Geocaching related news articles that we came across this week that we wanted to share.

Oh, btw, you can always find more weekly Geocaching news here and here. If you know of an article we missed you can let us know here.

Keep on cachin’!

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    It appears my race entry has disappeared, too. :(

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