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Caching At Blomidon Provincial ParkAug 26, 2009

Prior to having to leave the Blomidon Provincial Park because of Hurricane Bill we had the chance to do some caching along the Jodrey, Woodland and Bordon Brook trails. These trails lead to and meet at the Look Off Trail which, once at the end, offers a fantastic view of the Minas Basin.

Caching At Blomidon Provincial Park

Our hike took us up the Jodrey Trail, then out on to the Look-off Trail and then we came back down the Woodlands Trail and then on to Borden Brook Trail.

The Look-off Trail is a short trail, only 1.6 km (1 mi.) that ends at a viewing station that offers views that makes the whole trip worthwhile. You get a great view of the Minas Basin as well as Five Islands Provincial Park which is located about 24 km (15 mi.) across the bay.

The Jodrey Trail is a 6 km (3.7 mi.) long trail that skirts the 183 m (600-ft.) sea cliffs with numerous viewing stations along the way overlooking the Minas Basin. This trail winds through a sugar maple, yellow birch and beech forest and near the park’s only bog. At Indian Springs Brook, a cairn commemorates the gift of 162 ha (400 acres) to the park by the late Roy Jodrey.


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Atlantic Geofest 2009 And Hurricane BillAug 24, 2009

The old adage about ‘short and sweet’ was never more true than this year’s GeoFest. With the impending arrival of Hurricane Bill the festivities were cut a bit short BUT a great time was still had by all!

Atlantic Geofest logo

As with Geofests of the past Atlantic GeoFest 2009 was held at Blomidon, a Provincial Park located on the cliffs of the North Mountain, overlooking the Minas Basin, here in Nova Scotia. With over 1800 acres of natural attractions, majestic trees, trails and wildlife the park is the perfect place to let Geocachers out to play.

The cachers began to arrive on Friday afternoon and continued to arrive into the early evening. With the forecasted storm, many of the expected attendees regrettably did not arrive but those who did proved to be faithful campers who showed what Caching Campers are really made of!

Friday evening was spent relaxing around the GeoFest CafĂ©, chatting into the wee hours of the morning. Several cachers who missed last year’s event took part in the ‘Night Cache’ which was set up specifically for the annual Geofest.


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