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A Shubie Sunday Five For FiveFeb 08, 2010

The past several weeks of cold weather broke and our schedule was as clear as the azure blue sky above us. We took the opportunity to finally get back out Geocaching after a five month hiatus and it felt great! Really great!

We decided to go to Shubie Park since there had been some new caches placed since we were there last. Shubie is one of our favorite local parks with lots of intertwined trails.

A Shubie Sunday Five For Five

We started our trek near the camping area and then down through the lock system, into the no-leash area that circles Lake Banook. The caches we were looking for today were in a series following a trail that skirts a highway and one that we had never walked to the end of before. We followed several different trails back, making the round trip almost 11kms (7 miles).

Here are some more photos:


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