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10 Reasons To Join A ClubNov 07, 2007

Do you want to bring your Geocaching to another level? Do you want to share your love of Geocaching with others? Join a Geocaching club!

When we first got involved with Geocaching we were not aware of any local Geocaching association or club. Although we were still a part of the world-wide community and enjoying Geocaching immensely we missed the interaction with others that hold a similar interest. Since discovering a Geocaching club we have found that our interest in Geocaching has greatly increased and we are enjoying it a whole lot more! Not only have we met a lot of other Geocachers but we have also added another element to Geocaching by attending and participating in local events.

Associations and clubs bring people together from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Collectively, club members can achieve great things from organizing events and social gatherings to lobbying for local policy changes, as well as have a whole lot more fun! This is a perfect example of where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Here is our Top 10 Reasons To Join A Geocaching Club (in no particular order):


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What is a Muggle?Oct 31, 2007

A ‘muggle’, in Geocaching terms, is a non-Geocacher, a person not playing the game, and usually not aware of Geocaching. The term is based on ‘muggle’ from the Harry Potter book series by A. K. Rowling which refers to a non-magical person.

The concern with muggles is that they may discover a Geocache, either accidently or by seeing a Geocacher accessing it, and then possibly destroying it. This is referred to as the Geocache being ‘muggled’.

Often times, especially in urban areas, Geocaches are placed in high-traffic areas where there are a lot of muggles around. While this may add to the thrill in finding a cache it also adds to the risk of it being found. This risk is increased when a Geocacher is accessing and logging the find. Geocachers must take great care to ensure that Geocaches are not muggled.


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What is CITO?Oct 15, 2007

As a whole, Geocachers are quite environmentally active. When we are out Geocaching, we collect litter along the trails and paths and then dispose of it properly. We ‘take out what we take in’ and strive to leave a place better that it was. On certain days, we also participate in international clean-up events that involve and benefit the larger community. CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) is one of several great programs that help us with this initiative.

CITO is an opportunity for Geocachers to help clean up the parks, trails and other cache-friendly places throughout the world. Through our volunteer efforts, we help preserve the natural beauty of our outdoor resources.

CITO began in 2003, when Geocachers from around the world organized 67 cleanup events in 5 countries. There were almost 1200 unique logs posted showing participation in these events, and hundreds more acted locally in recognition of this important day. The events were such a huge success that Groundspeak, parent of, committed to carry on the tradition.


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What is a Travel Bug?Oct 02, 2007

A Travel Bug is simply a Geocaching tracking tag which is usually attached to an item. The item becomes a hitchhiker that travels with the Travel Bug. The purpose of the tracking tag is so that the Travel Bug can be tracked as it moves towards its ‘goal’.

When a Travel Bug is created it is usually given a goal by its owner for others to try and complete. Goals can range from a specific purpose, like bringing attention to a great cause such as diabetes or simply to travel the world.

When you find a Travel Bug you can take it from the cache and move it to another, helpig it on its journey. Prior to placing it in another cache you log the pickup on and then when you place it you log it again. This keeps a record of its movement where you, the owner, and others can watch its progress.

Travel Bugs are just another part of the fun in Geocaching!

Keep on cachin’!

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