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What is a Travel Bug?Oct 02, 2007

A Travel Bug is simply a Geocaching tracking tag which is usually attached to an item. The item becomes a hitchhiker that travels with the Travel Bug. The purpose of the tracking tag is so that the Travel Bug can be tracked as it moves towards its ‘goal’.

When a Travel Bug is created it is usually given a goal by its owner for others to try and complete. Goals can range from a specific purpose, like bringing attention to a great cause such as diabetes or simply to travel the world.

When you find a Travel Bug you can take it from the cache and move it to another, helpig it on its journey. Prior to placing it in another cache you log the pickup on and then when you place it you log it again. This keeps a record of its movement where you, the owner, and others can watch its progress.

Travel Bugs are just another part of the fun in Geocaching!

Keep on cachin’!

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What are Geocoins?Jun 26, 2007

A Geocoin is a minted, metal disk used in Geocaching that often has the name of the origin location, event or the name of a Geocacher on it. The design can be from the very basic to the highly detailed. The shape can vary from the most common circular to the shape of a state or province.

Geocoins are found in Geocaches, bought or traded. In recent years they have become very much a collectable with the most sought after Geocoins going for a much as a couple of thousand dollars!

Geocoins are usually stamped with a code that can be entered into a Geocache Listings site. This way the Geocoin can be tracked as it travels from Geocache to Geocache.

In recent years, the Geocoin craze has taken off dramatically, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of different Geocoins out there today. Due to the fact that many Geocoins have unique icons, many people bring such Geocoins to Geocaching events so that others may see the coins and then collect the icons as part of their stats.

Keep on cachin’!

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What is a Geocache?Jun 20, 2007

A Geocache is usually a small container that contains a logbook for registering your find and small items like keychains, toys, Geocoins, trinkets, Travel Bugs, etc.

The small items are referred to as Geoswag and are really of little monetary value since the whole concept behind Geocaching is the fun in the actual hunting for and the finding of the cache.

Geocaches commonly range in size from a military ammo box to a film canister (known as a micro-cache). They can be disguised and camouflaged but they cannot be buried.


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What is a Geocacher?Jun 08, 2007

A Geocacher is someone who participates in this new, fun sport called Geocaching

Because Geocaching is a sport that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone, Geocachers come from all walks of life and are of all ages. We have met Geocachers that are bakers, doctors, office workers, stay-at-home moms and as old as 90 and as young as 9 months!

Some Geocachers hunt by themselves, some hunt in teams and some include their whole family in the fun. You can check out some Geocachers websites here.

Geocachers enjoy the great outdoors, the thrill of the hunt and the comradery of the Geocaching community. Become a Geocacher today!

Keep on cachin’!

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