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GeoWoodstock VI Goodbye BreakfastMay 27, 2008

The Elk Grove Geocachers hosted a breakfast Monday morning at Elk Grove Park as a closing event to a great Geocaching weekend. Called ‘Thanks For The Memories’, it gave us a chance to say good-bye to all of the new friends that we met at GeoWoodstock VI and it also gave us a chance to make some new ones too!

GeoWoodstock VI Goodbye Breakfast

The food was excellent and there was lots of it, with far more choices than any restaurant buffet! It was supplied by the members of the Elk Grove Geocachers and included homegrown apricots, delicious blackberries, a variety of other fresh fruit, bacon, eggs, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, a french toast casserole, sausages. chilaquilles and more. There was also a variety of drinks including coffee and juices.

After we all ate there were some announcements, a singing of Happy Birthday for ‘MamaCache’ who was celebrating her birthday and a raffle was held for variety of items including Geocoins and cache containers.


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GeoWoodstock VI – The Big Day!May 26, 2008

GeoWoodstock VI was an obvious success as around 3000 Geocachers from all over the world converged on the small town of Wheatland, California. This was our first Mega-Event and our first GeoWoodstock. We had such a great time that you can be assured we’ll be at the next one!

We arrived at the event shortly after the 9:00 AM opening and we were quickly escorted to our parking spot on a very large field. The attendants did a great job bringing us ‘in for a landing’ with their cool little orange flags!

We were greeted at the entrance gate by a large banner welcoming us to the event:

GeoWoodstock VI - The Big Day!

Once inside we were met with a bevy of tents housing everything from first-aid to fire tacks! There were tents for the information booth, the Travel Bug center and quite a large series of tents for the raffle items. The largest area of tents was the Vendors area called Swag Alley. We never seen so much Geocaching swag in one place! As you can imagine, this was a VERY popular spot.


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GeoWoodstock VI Meet And Greet Fun!May 23, 2008

We just got back from the GeoWoodstock Meet and Greet that was held tonight not too far from our hotel here to Roseville, California. It was estimated that there about a thousand Geocachers in attendance!

After picking up our registration package and rooting through it to see what cool and neat stuff we got we found what we were looking for – our Geo-Bingo card! This card was our ticket to escaping from the awkward icebreaker question you tend to default to when meeting people for the first time, “So, where are you from?”. With it we were able to ask such questions as, “Have you ever Geocached on a motorcycle?” or “Have you hid more than 50 caches?” and our favorite, “Have you ever been questioned by authorities while Geocaching?”.

GeoWoodstock VI Meet And Greet Fun

Set up like a traditional bingo card but with questions about Geocaching the object was to find Geocachers that met the particular question and to have them sign the card. Not only does this get you to meet people but for every completed row on your card you get a raffle ticket plus 5 bonus tickets for a completed card! This led to a lot of conversation as you exchanged cards and signed the cards for others where you could and had yours filled likewise. It also led to a lot of fun!


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Cache In Trash Out Event At Shubie ParkApr 13, 2008

We just back from a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) event held at Shubie Park, a local park and trail system.

This event was organized by the first year Ecotourism Students from the Nova Scotia Community College – Akerley Campus. They are currently in a “green event planning” class and as a group they had to create an event, plan it and then follow through with it. The event they chose as a class was today’s Cache In Trash Out event. The students provided both garbage and recycling bags along with gloves and hand sanitizer. After it was over they hauled the garbage away.

Cache In Trash Out

As you can see, it was a successful day with a fair amount of garbage collected. We were able to pick up well over a half of a garbage bag full on our trek. One of the strangest things we picked up was an old car radio. Why it was here off a park trail system is beyond us!


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