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Martha Stewart Meets Geocaching!Feb 21, 2008

Renzo Tobias is attempting to raise the bar for Geocaching swag and doing a great job at it! His website chronicles a growing list of how-to’s to make your own cool cache treasures. As he says, “If you want McToys, buy a meal. I want treasure. Now let’s make some”

Here you’ll find comprehensive instructions to create your own swag to move away from the normal ‘dollar store’ cache offerings. There is also beautifully designed, free downloadable templates to help you with your creations:

Martha Stewart Meets Geocaching


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Almost 15,000 Geocaches Found!Jan 31, 2008

While adding sites to the Geocaching Online Resource Directory we frequently come across some that we want to bring special attention to but up until now we couldn’t figure out how. We thought of special icons or a top list but this didn’t do it for us. So what we have decided to do is to add a new category to the blog section of Geocaching Online called ‘Featured’ where we will feature these sites we come across.

The first Geocacher’s website we will feature in this new category is ‘Geocaching with EMC of Northridge, CA’.

Elin Carlson

The ‘EMC’ in the site title is the initials for Geocacher Elin Carlson. Elin began Geocaching on Memorial Day weekend, 2004 (though she joined GC in 2003), and has found over 3,000 caches each year since. At the time of writing she has logged 14623 Geocaches found! Yes, you read that right. She is currently ranked #3 in the world! Her cache finds run the full gamut of traditional, multi, virtual, etc. caches. She is also a Platinum EarthCache Master with 33 EarthCache finds.


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