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Satellite Upgrades PlannedNov 28, 2007

Apparently the US military is planning some impressive updates to their existing satellite technology. In an attempt to maintain their dominance in the GPS arena they will be launching 8 new satellites bringing the total active ‘birds’ to 32. This new system, GPS III, is slated to have 500 times the transmitting power which promises to give greater reliability and higher resistance to jamming. It will also offer second and third frequencies to contain civilian signal, more robust signal transmissions and provide 1 meter accuracy.

This news comes on the heels of a recent announcement from the European Union that they have included 3.5 billion dollars in their budget for deployment of their Galileo project. Galileo is the global navigation system to be built by the European Union as an alternative to the US and Russian navigation systems. The system is to be operational by 2011-12.


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The Geocaching BlackberryNov 16, 2007

Trimble recently announced the release of the Geocache Navigator software application for the Blackberry. Now, by using Geocache Navigator, Blackberry users will be able to join in on the world-wide fun of Geocaching!

GeocacheNavigator is presently the only application that brings Geocaching capabilities to the mobile phone market and provides real time access to

Developed by Trimble, a world leader in GPS technologies and a supporter of the international Cache In Trash Out Day, in partnership with, Geocache Navigator lets you use your Blackberry to connect to the world’s largest cache database, select a Geocache to look for, view the Geocache location on an aerial, topographic or street map, home in on the cache and also mark your Geocaches as lost or found.


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Selective Availability RemovedSep 18, 2007

In a statement from the US Press Secretary ‘the President accepted the recommendation of the Department of Defense to end procurement of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites that have the capability to intentionally degrade the accuracy of civil signals’.

Selective Availability was introduced by the US Military to make civilian GPS signals less accurate. Then in 2000 Selective Availability was turned off, which led to the growth of GPS technology for civilian use that we see today.

This decision means that future GPS satellites will not be required to be Selective Availability enabled, ensuring that it is permanent. Although GPS technology is firmly entrenched in consumer electronics, aviation, shipping and new products daily there was concern that with the option to turn Selective Availability back on it was a possibility.

View the complete statement by the Press Secretary here

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