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You Know You’re AddictedNov 09, 2007

We woke up this morning with a feeling of grave agitation and high anxiety. Our hands were shaking, our eyes were watery and we had a driving desire to go outside. After a few minutes of searching our symptoms on the Internet we quickly found that we were suffering from “Obsessive Compulsive Cache Craving Syndrome” or OCCCS. There is no question, we are addicted to Geocaching!

You know that you are addicted to Geocaching when:

… a colleague brings out their Tupperware lunch box and you automatically reach for your pen to sign the log book.

… you can’t walk down a path without thinking, “Hmmm, that’ll be a good place for a cache!”.

… you type in your home co-ords and not the phone number.

… your idea of decorating the Christmas tree is to conceal all the presents at its foot, beneath a camo covering of tinsel.

… your idea of gift-giving is to hide the gifts in the garden with co-ords and a clue.

… you are watching TV and think “That’s a beautiful place, I wonder where the nearest cache is?'”


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An Engaging CacheOct 01, 2007

Here’s a cute little story that was recently posted on – apparently Geocacher ‘navaid’ proposed to his girlfriend in a unique way.

He and his girlfriend found a Cache and while she was logging the find he slipped an engagement ring in the swag and asked her to take her pick. She, of course, chose the diamond. Then he asked her to marry him and she said yes.

What really caught our eye on this one was a line he wrote in the Cache log:

“Thanks for the cache – left ring, took fiancée, signed log.”

This really cracked us up. :)

It will certainly be a great story to tell to their grandchildren!

Congrats to navaid and his new fiancée! All the best!

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