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Geocaching Resolutions RevisitedJan 01, 2009

Last year around this time we made a few resolutions related to Geocaching. Today, New Year’s Day, as the blizzard outside blows into its 19th hour we thought that it would be a great time to review them and see how we fared.

Geocaching Resolutions Revisited

The first thing on the list was that we wanted to introduce more friends and family to Geocaching. Although we talked about Geocaching all the time, telling them about our travels, our exploits and all the great friends we met we couldn’t interest any of them into going out with us. :( It wasn’t that we weren’t being persuasive enough (we tried everything short of kidnapping them!), we believe it had to do with a lack of time on their part. This is unfortunate but we resolve to keep on them!

The second thing on our list was to become more competent with a compass. This is a funny one because we don’t believe we took our compass out all year! We’ll have to revisit this one again. :)


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The Angel Of The Cache Finds A HomeMar 25, 2008

We found our first Geocache almost a year ago and we took a small pendant from the cache as a memento of our first find. We said in the post we made regarding this find that we planned on mounting it on piece of wood so that we could hang it on a wall to always remind us of that day. Well, we finally got it mounted!

Because the pendant reminded us of an angel (though we never really seen one) we named it ‘The Angel of the Cache. Here is what it looks like:

Angel Of The Cache

It was a simple job, taking a piece of scrap birch, rounding it and finishing it with a bit of beeswax. The added bonus was the opportunity to combine Geocaching with woodworking, another of our passions.

It is now displayed on the wall of our den, reminding us of that day.

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Was St. Valentine A Geocacher?Feb 13, 2008

With St. Valentine’s Day soon upon us we were thinking, “What will we do this year to celebrate the special day?” Immediately, Geocaching came to mind! Of course we didn’t stop there, on no! We weren’t just thinking about what we could do on this day. We were thinking, “How could we Geocache with a Valentine’s Day theme”?

We came up with lots of ideas and they can all be elaborated on the two ideas below:


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Our Geocaching ResolutionsDec 29, 2007

It’s that time again, time to create a list of all the things we want to accomplish is in the new year. This year we are adding to this list with things we want to do with Geocaching.

We had a great year this past year by first being introduced to Geocaching and then by getting involved as much as we did. The getting involved part was easy because we really enjoy it.

This coming year we hope to do even more which is why we are going out on a limb and actually making resolutions, though we expect them to be easy to achieve (the best kind of resolutions!).

So here is our list of New Year’s Geocaching Resolutions:


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