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A Shubie Sunday Five For FiveFeb 08, 2010

The past several weeks of cold weather broke and our schedule was as clear as the azure blue sky above us. We took the opportunity to finally get back out Geocaching after a five month hiatus and it felt great! Really great!

We decided to go to Shubie Park since there had been some new caches placed since we were there last. Shubie is one of our favorite local parks with lots of intertwined trails.

A Shubie Sunday Five For Five

We started our trek near the camping area and then down through the lock system, into the no-leash area that circles Lake Banook. The caches we were looking for today were in a series following a trail that skirts a highway and one that we had never walked to the end of before. We followed several different trails back, making the round trip almost 11kms (7 miles).

Here are some more photos:


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Caching At Blomidon Provincial ParkAug 26, 2009

Prior to having to leave the Blomidon Provincial Park because of Hurricane Bill we had the chance to do some caching along the Jodrey, Woodland and Bordon Brook trails. These trails lead to and meet at the Look Off Trail which, once at the end, offers a fantastic view of the Minas Basin.

Caching At Blomidon Provincial Park

Our hike took us up the Jodrey Trail, then out on to the Look-off Trail and then we came back down the Woodlands Trail and then on to Borden Brook Trail.

The Look-off Trail is a short trail, only 1.6 km (1 mi.) that ends at a viewing station that offers views that makes the whole trip worthwhile. You get a great view of the Minas Basin as well as Five Islands Provincial Park which is located about 24 km (15 mi.) across the bay.

The Jodrey Trail is a 6 km (3.7 mi.) long trail that skirts the 183 m (600-ft.) sea cliffs with numerous viewing stations along the way overlooking the Minas Basin. This trail winds through a sugar maple, yellow birch and beech forest and near the park’s only bog. At Indian Springs Brook, a cairn commemorates the gift of 162 ha (400 acres) to the park by the late Roy Jodrey.


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Geocaching In Beautiful Santa Fe, NMJul 09, 2009

On our trip to New Mexico last month we also got a chance to spend a day Geocaching in beautiful Santa Fe.

Santa Fe train station

Santa Fe is New Mexico’s state capital and the fourth largest city in the state.

It’s about an hour’s drive North of Albuquerque by car but since we didn’t have a car we hopped aboard the Rail Runner Express at the Alvarado Transportation Center on 1st Street and Central Avenue in Albuquerque.

This turned out to be one of the best values that we had ever got, anywhere. For only four (4) bucks you get a fantastic hour and a half ride from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. You just sit back, relax in the comfort of the smooth riding and quiet Rail Runner and sight-see all the way there!


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Geocaching At Sandia Mountain, NMJul 06, 2009

In addition to going to the Geocaching Event that we told you about in our previous post we also got out to do a bit of caching while in Albuqueurque.

One of the places that we wanted to visit while we were in New Mexico was the Sandia Mountains via the Sandia Peak Tramway.

Geocaching At Sandia Mountain, NM

The Sandia Peak Tramway is the world’s longest passenger aerial tramway. It also has the world’s third longest single span. It stretches from the Northeast edge of the city of Albuquerque to the crestline of the Sandia Mountains at 10,378 feet (3163.21 meters).

We almost didn’t get there but once again the awesome New Mexico Geocachers came through! We weren’t renting a car on this trip and while making our plans we couldn’t find any information regarding any type of public transportation to the Tramway. We inquired on the New Mexico Geocaching website forums about this and were told that we were correct, there was none. This was disappointing. Then came a post from nclinnm saying that she would be happy to pick us up ad take us there! (We told you they were awesome!)

Here are some photos of our day:


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