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Geocaching Jive At Juniper LakeMay 18, 2008

Well, it’s quite a spring! We were waiting for it for so long and when it came it really came! It has to be one of the best springs that we have had in this area for a long time. Unfortunately this meant trying to get things done around the house that we haven’t been able to get to for so many springtimes. I believe we got more done in the past month than we were able to do in the past 3 springs! We got the gardens cleaned up, a couple of new gardens put in, lots of dead trees cleaned up, tore down and replaced the driveway culvert ends and a whole lot more.

Now that this is all behind us we were finally able to get out for a bit of Geocaching this morning. We chose to do the trail around a small lake called Juniper Lake.

Geocaching Jive At Juniper Lake

We found all six Geocaches that are on the trail. Each one was a pretty easy find. One in particular held a surprise for mrs_go. It was in the top of a hollowed out tree trunk and when she pulled it out she was greeted by a squirrel that popped it’s head up out of the trunk!

Here’s a photo of the squirrel near the cache. We tried to coax him back into the hole for a cool photo shot but he was a bit timid and stayed his distance. I guess we surprised him too!


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Lunchtime Geocaching By A LakeApr 07, 2008

There’s this great Lebanese restaurant that we frequent located in a nearby business park. All their food is great but their Chicken Swarma Pita is ‘outa dis world’! We dropped by on Friday and shared one (yes, they’re that big!) and afterwards we went for a walk around a nearby lake to walk it off.

Lunchtime Geocaching By A Lake

We picked up three more caches while we were there. They included this one that was between the cracks in a large rock:


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Geocaching In Our Own BackyardApr 03, 2008

The sun finally broke out yesterday and the temperature rose to above 6C (42F). As my mother would have said, “It’s a great day to get out and blow off the stink”. So we did.

The trail we chose was at the end of a cul-de-sac just a few streets over from our home. We became aware of it at the beginning of the winter and we have been itching to get to it. Not only are there a couple of Geocaches along the route but the direction of the trail looked like it would connect to another area near our neighborhood that we were looking forward to exploring.

Geocaching In Our Backyard

The first cache took us a fair distance off the trail and a bit of bushwhacking was required. We passed through several stands of birch trees which we’re sure will be even more alluring in a few months when crowned with green leaves. Nearby was a small pond still partially covered with ice:


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Geocaching With Ducks And EaglesFeb 24, 2008

Well, we finally got out Geocaching the other day after over a 2 month hiatus, and it sure felt great! Between the holidays, weather, work and home redecorating (still not finished!) we have just never had the time. The weather has been the biggest factor in stopping us from going out. In fact, because of the weather we have done very little walking in the past few months. We’ve resolved ourselves to the fact that we are fair weather Geocachers. :)

We were able to find five caches within a few kilometers of our home in a couple of areas that we have never been to before. The areas included trails around two lakes that will require a revisit in the summer when it will be a more comfortable stroll, and to find other caches there that we never had time for.

This is a view of one of the lakes that we were at:

Lake View


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