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A Hiking Stick? A Tripod? Yes, It’s Both!Jul 03, 2008

Mrs_Go has had a lot of inquiries regarding her new TrekPod Go! walking stick since she bought it a few months ago. It seems to generate a lot of interest wherever she goes and it’s easy to see why – not only is it a walking stick but it’s also a camera tripod!

The TrekPod Go! from Trek-Tech is a monopod/tripod/hiking stick which converts from hiking stick to a tripod within seconds. It also uses a neat magnetic mount for quick camera setup.

A Hiking Stick? A Tripod? Yes, It

The TrekPod is made out of “aircraft grade aluminum alloys and high strength polymers” and only weighs 28 ounces (793 grams). The tripod mode has a height range of 39″ to 57.5″ (99 to 146 cm) and the hiking staff/monopod mode has a height range of 42.5″ to 62.5″ (106.7 cm to 158.8 cm). It can be quickly taken apart with a maximum piece length of 23″ (59cm) which will easily fit into carry-on luggage.

Attaching the camera is rather slick. It uses what is called the “MagMount AR/i Anti-Rotation magnetic quick release camera and optical device mounting system”. Simply put, it uses a strong rare earth magnet for mounting your camera. This allows your camera to be attached instantly. The Anti-Rotation feature locks your portrait shots in place, and indexing every 30° aids with panorama photos. A “MagAdapter” screws directly to your camera in the mount hole. It comes with two MagAdapters, one for light cameras and a stronger one for heavier cameras. This worked out well for us since we each have a camera.


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