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Geocaching Blog Headlines AddedSep 03, 2008

In our attempt to keep up to date with other Geocaching related blogs we have added a new Headlines aggregator. What it does is list the last 10 posts made by a variety of Geocaching blogs.

By clicking the headline you will go directly to the full post on the blog website and by clicking the website title you’ll go directly to the site’s main page. Hovering your mouse over the headline will show you an enticing snippet of the posted article.

Geocaching Blog Headlines Added

At this time there is just nine of our favorite blogs listed, including ‘Northwoods Geocats’, ‘Team Hick@Heart’, ‘A Lil HooHaa’, ‘EMC of Northridge’, ‘Geocaching Journal’, ‘Electronic Breadcrumbs’, ‘I’m Not Obsessed’, ‘Two Ninjas And Mom’ and ‘Blazerfan’s Adventures’.

To minimize page load time the aggregator is updated roughly every hour and then cached (the saving kind, not the Geocaching kind :)).

You can access the Geocaching blog Headlines by the link on the top menu or you can click here.

Now, we’re not guaranteeing that this will keep us up to date (we still have to check it!) but hopefully it will help!

Feel free to bookmark the Headlines page so that you too can keep abreast of what’s happening in the sport of Geocaching!

Keep on cachin’!

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Now Over 500 Geocaching Resources!Jul 17, 2008

We are extremely pleased to announce that the Geocaching Directory has grown to over 500 Geocaching related resources listed! There are links to Geocaching websites of all kinds!

Are you looking to find a Geocaching club? There are 162 clubs from around the world listed!

Are you looking for software to help you with your Geocaching? There are 64 different programs available!

How about how-to guides, games or GeoSwag? There are website links for those too!

In fact, there are now thirty-one different categories including the fastest growing Software, Blogs and Associations and Clubs categories. We have also seen quick growth to the newly added Tourism category.

You can view all the listings here.

If you have a favorite Geocaching website you can add it here

Thanks to everyone for their support!

Keep on cachin’!

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Geocaching And TourismJan 08, 2008

Thanks to a blog post from Eco Florida regarding tourism sites promoting Geocaching in their local area we were able to add a new “Tourism” category to the Geocaching Resource Directory.

This seems to be a growing trend, with some localities creating special caches to show off their area’s features, like trails and beautiful views. Some are also holding contests with cache’s that contain prizes and coupons for use at local businesses. While these prize offerings may not sit well with some members of the ‘true blue’ Geocaching community the fact remains that they may be an incentive for some.

For us, we enjoy both Geocaching and travel so the more tourism sites that add this information just makes it easier for us, not only on planning our activities when we go somewhere but quite possibly in our destination decisions as well. Although we get caught in the big cities more often than we like our preferred travel is ‘off the beaten path’ so knowing about the ‘hidden gems’ of an area is a real bonus.


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Over 300 Geocaching ResourcesOct 28, 2007

We recently reached over 300 Geocaching resource websites listed in our Geocaching directory!

These resources are shared over twenty-eight different categories with some of the fastest growing categories being Software, Blogs and Associations and Clubs. The Associations and Clubs category, which lists Geocaching associations and clubs around the world, now has almost half of the total directory listings and this includes the 120 clubs listed for North America! You can see the full category list on the right-hand menu on this page.

We began the Geocaching Resource Directory several months ago with the intent of ‘linking the Geocaching community’ and we believe we are well on our way. Thanks to all those that have submitted a listing! If you have a website related to Geocaching, or a favorite Geocaching site that you feel should be added here please let us know!

Keep on cachin’!

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