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GoGo T. Urtle Is On The Road Again!May 29, 2009

After a harrowing winter and a fight with a pack of wild wolves GoGo T. Urtle is on the move again! Although he is a bit banged up, bruised and sore he dragged himself back into the HooHaa GeoChallenge Race as soon as he was able, like the little trooper he is.

GoGo Is On The Road Again!

We were contacted by cribdonor earlier in the month with this disturbing message:

“I was checking on bugs I moved around and discovered that HooHaa Race – GoGo T. Urtle was in a cache that had been muggled. Since I am not far away I went to check it out and sure enough he has had a hard life and his tag is gone. I brought him along with me to dry him out and see if i can fix him up some. If you can get another tag for him we can try to get him going again, will help all i can. Sure wish I had put him somewhere else. . Anyway just thought i would let you know.”

Then, checking the cache logs we seen an entry on April 25th:

“This one was wide open, very wet and parts were spread out – looks like an animal got to it.”

There it was, a Cache Attack! It was then that it became clear.


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The Geocaching Race Of The Year!Oct 16, 2008

Well, the race is on and our entry in the year long HooHaa GeoChallenge race, GoGo T. Urtle, is on his way! He was released (actually, he jumped) into the camoed peanut butter container at The End Of The Lake – GC1EYND at approximately 1:37pm.

GoGo T. Urtle is a winner in every class! He has racing in his blood. His great, great, great, great, great grandfather was the winner of a legendary race years ago (maybe you’ve heard of it?).

The Geocaching Race Of The Year

Since the challenge was made a couple of weeks ago GoGo has been working out, waxing his shell and eating aloe vera and cacti. He has been getting lots of support from his family and friends, especially those from the the ACGA and, of course, us here at Geocaching Online.

When asked what is his strategy for winning this race he simply said:

“Slow and steady is my pace,
Please take me, move me, from this base,
A far-off distance I can face,
A longer trek and I’ll win this race”

Here are some more photos of GoGo taken at a recent pre-race photo shoot:


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The Travel Bug GeoChallengeOct 04, 2008

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown, and the challenge has been accepted! We’re not about to allow some trash-talkin’, cache bloggin’ photog think, or even dream, that he can beat us at a race! We come from a long line of Travel Bug racers and we’ve got Travel Bug racin’ in our blood!

To bring you up to speed on The Travel Bug GeoChallenge (yes, the pun was intended), we, and a few other Geocaching bloggers, have been challenged by P.J. from over at the HooHaa Blog to a Travel Bug race. The winner of the race (that will be us!) will be determined by which Travel Bug travels the most distance in this year long race.

The Travel Bug GeoChallenge

In addition to ourselves and the L’il HooHaa, Kiss My Cache, Hick@Heart, HeadHardHat, EMC, the Geocats, Gunny’s Cache and late entry TripCyclone have taken up the challenge.

Obviously, we would have enjoyed having a bit of competition but at least we’ll have a few laughs as we watch them eat our dust! And apparently there are a few more that have been challenged but there has been no sign of them yet. We think that they are just too chicken to come forward, especially since they found out we were in the race!

Enuff for now, we’ll keep you posted as the challenge unfolds.

Keep on cachin’!

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