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Ontario Geocaching Association
The Ontario Geocaching Association (OGA) has been developed to provide additional support for the Geocachers of Ontario and to make itself available to landowners and government agencies as a liaison for setting safe geocaching policies and guidelines.
The purpose of this website is to promote the sport (game, activity) of geocaching in the Ottawa / Hull, Ontario region and the surrounding area.
This site is intended to be a reference for geocachers that are from the Central-Ontario Area, and have found that there simply aren't enough geocaching resources available to us to get the most out of your GPS. Visit today!
You are at the new home of the Kingston Area Geocachers (KAG) ! We are an informal group of avid geocachers, who have come together in many aspects of geocaching--whether it is at organized caching events or racing for a First-to-Find. This site has been set up to promote geocaching in the Limestone area, and to invited interested people to join in the fun.