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The goal of this website is to provide members of NNYGeo (and visitors to the website) with the resources they need to enjoy geocaching in Northern New York. Through a combination of continuously updating information on this website and access to the vast stores of knowledge and experience of the members of NNYGeo through our forums.
Our mission is to promote our sport as a positive and worthwhile activity to be enjoyed here on Long Island and around the world. Our goals are to originate and maintain healthy relationships with other outdoor enthusiasts and organizations in the Long Island area.
The New York Geocaching Organization (NYGO) is a non-profit educational society, formed to foster and promote knowledge of and interest in, the activity of geocaching by educating members on responsible stewardship of public lands, raising public awareness through the effective use of media relations, and presenting geocaching as family oriented activity.
The purpose of our organization is to promote Geocaching in the New York Capital District area through better communication with local geocachers, land managers and the general public.
A small caching club in Otsego and Delaware counties and surrounding communities.