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The Middle Tennessee Geocacher's Club welcomes all adventure seeking geocachers to join in on the fun of geocaching in Middle Tennessee. We invite you to join our club and be a part of the diverse group of fellow cachers.
This is the home of the Kentucky - Tennessee Area Geocachers (KTAG). Includes a message forum, photo gallery and more!
GSMGC is a group of fun-loving, outdoor-minded people from all age groups and backgrounds who like to Geocache and want to help others do the same. We want to share our interest in using modern technology (GPS and the Internet) to encourage and foster an appreciation of the outdoors, and to promote good stewardship of the land and environment that we all enjoy.
Welcome to Geocachers of West Tennessee. Our members are helping something that will benefit our great hobby, its devoted participants, and the land owners and managers we work with to make our hobby better. Our goal is to promote responsible geocaching, both by hunters and hiders. We will work with local authorities and land owners to ensure access to as much public land as possible.