The range of equipment out there for Geocachers can often be confusing - there are hundreds of GPS devices! This blog aims to simplify the buying process with short reviews and tips for different devices - mainly focused on GPS.
Reflections on Geocaching and travel by a seasoned traveler and photographer who most enjoys rural "backroads" caching. Site includes some photos, some poetry, and reflections of a Wisconsin-based Geocacher.
If you've ever wondered what the heck Geocaching is, or if you are a Geocacher yourself, this blog is all about what Geocaching is, and our own adventures Geocaching. Drop by!
We are a three member family living in the beautiful island of Crete. We got involved with Geocaching more than five years ago so we decided to start this blog to share our experiences and to advice people about Geocaching in Crete.
We're a family of paranormal investigators and Geocachers. This blog documents our adventures in Geocaching, terracaching waymarking and letterboxing.
A popular blog from Gryphon in Fayetteville, Tn where he tells of his and his friends often funny adventures in Geocaching. As he describes his blog, "Four fat people attempting to geocache. Hilarity ensues."
One of the things that geowomyn_sf_ca really loves about Geocaching is the experience of finding a cache in a location that inspires her to stop, admire the view and make a watercolor sketch.
Team Mopigeon Geocaching from Rio Rancho, New Mexico offers a blog where Rodr88 and his wife CachingWidow discuss Geocaching.
Your personal guide to Geocaching on Cape Cod, Trail Hound is mainly about discovering through Geocaching those out-of-the-way places that we perhaps on purpose? keep out of the visitors guides.
The CosmicCowgirl from Spring, Texas relates her family's adventures in Geocaching whe she's not riding the cyber plains seeking cosmic understanding! Check out her blog!
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