BoggyWoggy is a gal from Oklahoma who now hangs out in Oregon and actually finds the meaning of life in small, hidden treasures.
We are obsessed Geocachers! We have had many new and exciting adventures while searching for various size containers hidden in obscure spots around the country. These are the stories of our adventures! Read and enjoy!
DiscoverGeocaching is a blog to help people who are starting to Geocache. We do not proclaim that we know everything about Geocaching - I can assure you we don't. We do however invite you to join us as we Discover Geocaching and share our journey with you.
I am a chronicly tired Father of five who lives in a high stress household, works in a high stress environment (as a 911, Police and Fire dispatcher), and copes with daily struggles of guilty feelings for not having the time he would like to spend with his family. Follow my Geocaching adventures!
Cachegame, from Boise, Idaho, United States, operates this regularly updated blog which covers the latest about GeoCoins.
The epic (and downright absurd) retelling of my hiking and Geocaching adventures with pictures, witty observations and other tomfoolery. Itís so darn sweet you may get cavities.
A diary of our Geocaching adventures. Nice places we have been to, unusual caches discovered and hopefully some helpful advice too!
SaudiCacher started Geocaching in February 2001 and has an interest in the recent history of Arabia. This is his blog about his Geocaching adventures!
Geocacher Gordon Dewis, who lives in Ottawa, Canada shares his random musings about Geocaching
Gladeslvr & Crew consists of Chris (Glades), Sam (Thing 1), Aidan (Thing 2) and sometimes BadGeorge. They live in Florida and enjo caching because there is so much to see and Geocaching takes you there!
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