Geocaching adventures with Team RooBok from Melbourne, Australia
my Geocaching stories, information, and store geocoin listings
KACHE from Kissimmee, Florida shares stories of his family's Geocaching fun!
A blog by veteran Geocacher Jeff Boulter. Includes regular updates to his Geocaching exploits as well as a variety of sel-created online tools for Geocachers.
New Geocaching Club in Portugal.
A Geocaching blog from Geocacher GoNorthWest's that includes things that astound and amazes him.
Some thoughts, experiences and ideas on Geocaching and everything that goes with a lifestyle of connecting with nature and just having fun...... Welcome!
Tinman105 from Central, Illinois posts their adventures here as well as the occasional random rant. So be prepared to have the best time of your day!
This is where we, Sensible Shoes, will describe our Geocaching adventures. We began Geocaching in May 2007, when we came into possession of a PDA which came with a GPS receiver and software built in. Now we're hooked!
GPSOkie from Tulsa, Oklahoma offers a regularly updated blog with all kinds of info including great articles and posts.
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